Yet Again, What's Sauce for the Goosed Isn't for the TSA

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by Becky Akers: The
Blind Leading the Blind — Into Revolution (I Hope, I Hope!)



no sympathy or admiration on Carol Price, the
passenger who complained about her gate-rape
to one of the TSA's
supervising sickos. Carol had called for said sicko so she could
report her search as "inappropriate" (sic for "a
criminal assault"); apparently, while explaining, she also
demonstrated the molestation she'd just suffered for Supervising
Sicko's benefit — on Supervising Sicko. This "violence"
— yes, the TSA's precise term for doing unto its lackeys what they
do unto us — got her arrested. Leviathan has scheduled her trial
for July 3.

But Carol
is not the wronged innocent she seems: she once "worked"
(sic for "malingered") at the TSA. In fact, she
tortured passengers in the same terminal that turned the tables
on her, Southwest Florida International Airport near Fort Myers.
: Carol and Supervising Sicko offer a far better "solution"
to the TSA than anything you've proposed. Simply turn all the TSA's
degenerates loose on each other and let u2018em grope as much as they

as a former brute, Carol is woefully short of brains. Not only is
that one of the job's requirements, she also proved her imbecility
by flying. Here's a woman who knows the extent of the TSA's evil
first-hand, knows that its
incompetent bozos endanger every flight
, knows that its purpose
is to "dominate,
intimidate and control
" the serfs. Yet she buys a ticket

Some might
argue extenuating circumstances excuse her stupidity since she was
on her way to Cleveland, Ohio for her brother's funeral. Alas, Your
Intrepid Reporter made that exact trip a few years ago, though in
reverse: I happened to be visiting Cleveland when my uncle in Fort
Myers died. I threw myself, my suitcase, and assorted relatives
into a car and bam, 18 hours later, there we were.

Not Carol (then
again, she undoubtedly failed at finding anyone to split the driving.
Would you climb into a car with a pervert who previously
terrorized folks for a living? People
have died in far less menacing circumstances
). She went to the
airport, where — big surprise — she "says
while going through security to catch her flight
, a TSA agent
groped her. In response, … [she] put down her carry-on bags, turn[s]
to a TSA supervisor and grab[s] her – allegedly without permission
– to show the supervisor what Price says she went through."
[Emphasis added.]

you're thinking, now wait just a doggone minute. I never gave these
thugs permission to grope me, either.

No, the Supreme
Dorks-sorry, Court did for you. Decades
ago, they decreed
that merely by patronizing a commercial airline,
you volunteer for whatever abuse federal psychopaths decide to heap
on you — though naturally, the Dorks didn't phrase it as honestly
as that. Instead, they babbled, "When
the risk is the jeopardy
to hundreds of human lives and millions
of dollars of property inherent in the pirating or blowing up of
a large airplane, the danger alone meets the test of reasonableness
[per the Fourth Amendment], so long as the search is conducted in
good faith for the purpose of preventing hijacking or like damage
and with reasonable scope and the passenger has been given advance
notice of his liability to such a search so that he can avoid it
by choosing not to travel by air." Catch the false dichotomy
with which they justify this evisceration of the Constitution: any
"reasonable" person would rather become a sex-toy for
the feds than a target for terrorists — as if those are the only
options. Yes, this is what passes for logic among the nation's highest

Speaking of
dorks, back we go to Carol and Supervising Sicko (which, happily
and symbolically, abbreviates to SS). The latter took offense —
huge offense, just as her own prey does — at Carol's laying on of
hands. Indeed, SS sicced the cops on Carol, who duly arrested her,
while SS
hyperventilated over her humiliation
: "Price suddenly and
aggressively grabbed my inner thigh and went up with her hands into
my pubic bone."

Oh, SS, your
victims empathize. Indeed, many
of them have described their assaults from you and your felons in
identical terms
. And, SS, though I would never presume to speak
for those hundreds of thousands, let me say on my own behalf that
I'm grinning ear-to-ear! Really, Carol couldn't have "aggressively
grabbed" anyone who deserves it more than you, you miserable,
filthy germ!

though not unexpectedly, given that the TSA used to employ Carol,
there are no principles at stake here. Carol was not defying the
agency's totalitarianism, indecency, criminality and cruelty: no,
she once actively dished all that out. Rather, she and SS indulged
in a cat-fight. Seems they've hated each other since their days
as fellow Warriors on Freedom-sorry, Terrorists, and each grabbed
an opportunity for revenge as "aggressively" as they do
"inner thighs."

As we might
also expect, the TSA has endorsed its ruffians' savaging of Carol:
“The pat down was conducted correctly in accordance with our procedures,"
it jabbered, as it does after all such violations, whether of 7-year-old
girls stricken with cerebral palsy
or grandmothers
in wheelchairs
. Its spokesliars added, "Violence against
our officers who work every day to keep the traveling public safe
is unacceptable.” Dang right. Our Rulers reserve such violence for
use against us.

To my knowledge,
two women
during the
tragic decade of the TSA's predations
have physically defended
themselves when gate-raped. Neither did anything more than reflexively
push her assailant away, yet such "violence" got both
of them tried,
convicted, and punished.

I suspect a
similar fate awaits Carol. Ironic, isn't it, that she'll pay not
for assaulting us but for defending herself from such wickedness.

Ah, karma…

21, 2012

Akers [send her mail] writes
primarily about the American Revolution. Her novel set during the
war will be published this summer.

Best of Becky Akers

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