Why Getting in Shape Should be Part of Your Apocalypse Preparations

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Many of you read TheSurvivalMom blog may be familiar with the program on National Geographic, called “Doomsday Preppers”. This show is an examination of the lives of real “preppers” who are all trying to get their preparations in order before the inevitable apocalypse.

The show has survival experts that rate the preparations of the featured survivalists and then they are rated based on their particular preparedness level. If you have ever watched this program, you will surely know that the majority of these “preppers” as they are called, are physically out of shape and not physically in any condition to tackle something as grandiose as surviving doomsday.

How do these people expect to survive some sort of apocalyptic doomsday scenario when they look like they are one doughnut away from a quadruple bypass?

While some of them may have extensive preparations, they often overlook the very real importance of being in peak physical condition. If the apocalypse really were to occur and these severely out of shape people were actually forced to leave their homes, how could they really expect to, “head for the hills”?

Could these out of shape doomsday preppers really hack it if they needed to march miles into the wilderness and live off the land?

If you were really forced to abandon your home because of some disaster of apocalyptic proportions, the reality is you will be essentially reduced to the role of a refugee. Your days would be consumed by your constant wandering, searching for supplies, resources and whatever food you could be lucky enough to come across. To survive in these conditions the reality is that you will be forced to hunt and gather your food which requires you to be physically fit.

How could you be severely out of shape and expect to sow crops, defend yourself from external threats and perform the intensely physical tasks that are required for survival, like chopping firewood or walking extremely long distances.

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