The Great Defection From the West

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by Jeff Berwick: Forget
Retirement… andRetirementSavings



Remember a
few decades ago when defection from communist countries to the west
was common?  Those in the west understood why.  Of course
they’d want to defect, they’d say.  They’re all but slaves
in the Soviet Union… or Cuba… or China.  Pick your communist

How things
change.  Now Russia and China are some of the great new bastions
of capitalism. Sure, they’ve still got a dictatorial, oppressive
government, but so does the US.  And now the Fasco-Communist
Police State
of the US is home to all the worst forms of government
all wrapped into one.

And the defections
from the US and the rest of the submerging western economies has

Today a number
of high profile wealthy entrepreneurs announced their defection.
 The first was Eduardo Saverin, the billionaire co- founder
of Facebook Inc.  He
renounced his U.S. citizenship
before an initial public offering
that values the social network at as much as $96 billion.  He
owns a 4% stake, worth about $3.8 billion.  He renounced his
US citizenship and moved to Singapore.

another headline came across the wires today from Bloomberg, “France
Entrepreneurs Flee From Hollande Wealth Rejection
“.  In
the article it states that entrepreneurs are fleeing France after
socialist and thief… sorry, I repeat myself… Francois Hollande
became President.  Hollande, a hardcore socialist, narrowly
prevailed against a number of other candidates who were proposing
a 100% income tax rate

In the article
it states that Jeremie Le Febvre, a 30-year-old founder of private
equity marketing-services firm TBG Capital Advisors, plans to move
to Singapore from Paris this year.

And why shouldn’t
he?  But, of course, the collectivists, socialists and thieves
all rally to say that HE is the thief for leaving France.  After
all, he probably got to where he is today thanks to his 12 years
of free indoctrination in the child prison camps called

That’s what
the brainwashed Canadian slaves all told me when I said I was leaving
Canada nearly a decade ago.  ”But, but, you owe your living
to Canada,” they’d state, sputtering.

“What is this
Canada you refer to?” I’d asked, honestly.  Those borders you
see on maps drawn up by historic criminals don’t mean much to me.
 I see us all as humans, nothing more, nothing less.

“But, WE paid
for your schooling,” they would retort.

“Oh you are
the one who put me through that?” I’d say, “You were the one who
paid for me to be forcifully confined in a wooden chair eight hours
of the day to listen to complete imbeciles to learn things
I had no interest in… and that’s when I wasn’t getting beaten

And this is
the sickness of collectivism.  Look at a person like Saverin…
He’s surely heard all the same rhetoric.  So, he is supposed
to pay billions of dollars in capital gains taxes for his “edumacation”??
  This is the twisted nature of it.  If education were
un-socialized it would cost almost nothing.  There are methods
to educate children where the kids in the grade higher than them
teach the others.  The total cost in a system structured in
this way?  It’s been calculated at $40 per year.  You’d
really only need one teacher for about 1,000 students.  And
with the internet you really only need one teacher per 7 billion
students.  Just ask Dr.
who has given over 148 million lessons.  But in the
world of socialism, school can cost billlions… if you have the
money to pay!


Is it any wonder
that anyone who can has already gone?  So many have already
left, many of them years ago.  Let’s just run through a short
list of people you probably know or pay attention to:

And it isn’t
like many of them just left.  Most packed up and shipped off
years ago.

Word on the
street is that wait times just to get a meeting to give up your
US residency has increased from six months to two years.  And,
that is if they are so kind to grant you permission to leave.  Simon
Black recently reported an attempted defectee who was turned
down in his application to renounce US citizenship

In the meanwhile,
realizing the seriousness of the defection situation, as CBS
announced last week
, Congress is attempting to pass a bill disallowing
travel outside of the US to anyone deliquent in paying their extortion…
<cough>… taxes.

The entire
western world has turned socialist.  It’s like a zombie movie,
all of the unproductive and chattering classes have turned upon
the producers and they want blood.  Many, like Jim Rogers,
Marc Faber and Doug Casey saw this years ago and already escaped.
 The floodgates are now opening as many others are beginning
to realize they are lambs being prepared for slaughter.  If
you have assets that you’d rather not donate to the collective then
how much longer will you wait to begin to make preparations for
your own escape?

And if you
don’t have much assets but are looking for opportunity, how long
will you remain in the new Soviet Union and Communist China, the
West?  Go East young man.  To Asia and Latin America…
them’s where the opportunities are today.

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Berwick [send him mail]
is an anarcho-capitalist freedom fighter and Chief Editor of the
libertarian, Austrian economics grounded newsletter, The
Dollar Vigilante
. The Dollar Vigilante focuses on strategies,
investments and expatriation opportunities to survive & prosper
during and after the US dollar collapse.

Best of Jeff Berwick

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