Is This What Freedom Look Like?

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Hello again from Acapulco,

Sit down and grab a drink.  We’ve got a lot to talk about!

For starters, I delayed my trip to Taxco until next weekend.  Why?  Well, I noticed that after a quiet week in Acapulco the city started to fill up on Friday.  I could hear the roar in the city from my hilltop home and as I took my chihuahuas and our new Marketing escapee from the US, Ken Johnson’s husky/shepherd mix out for our daily walk, I noticed that almost every house in the neighborhood had 5-10 really nice motorcycles parked out front, each.

Or, in their garages.

None of these bikes were here yesterday.  I knew what it meant.  I headed into town in the day and as girls in bikinis went by on a flatbed truck and motorcycles were everywhere it confirmed my suspicion.

Ever since I bought my scooter a few months ago I knew this day was coming… every other day I can enjoy my annointed existence.  There aren’t a lot of scooters or motorcycles in Acapulco and as I fly down the curb or on the sidewalk in the hot tropical sun and surpass traffic, helmet-less, license-less, registration-less… and usually a bit drunk, I feel pretty cool.

In my own mind, this is me.

But, twice a year… at times that are never announced or scheduled, as far as I can tell, about 10,000+ bikers descend on Acapulco for a weekend of biking chaos.  If you like bikes, this is the place to be when they come.  You’ve never seen so many gorgeous bikes… and bikes of every size, shape and color, in one spot.  Most of them are incredibly cool.

So, now, as I ride down the street as muscular guys fly by at speeds my scooter can’t even dream of, doing a wheelie, with some big booty smoking hot latina on the back in short shorts… well, this weekend, I feel like Urkel.

That is Urkel, right?

I took some video of the festivities.

Note that when I took this video it was around 1 am.  I already know what some US slaves are saying.  My goodness!  People have their infants and children out in the middle of the night!  And where are the authorities?  People are just going wherever they want and doing whatever they want!  There is nary a police blockade in sight!  And, most importantly, do they have a permit for this?

That’s how slaves think, of course.  What you are witnessing though, is the beauty of spontaneous order.  These bikers, in effect, take over the main street.  You see a few police cars come along… and notice how nobody pays them any attention.  It’s like they don’t exist.  

This is what freedom looks like.  No doubt, the one or two Americans in town this weekend raced home to their hotel to complain about the noise and chaos!  Thomas Jefferson once said, “Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty.”

Up north, the indoctrinated slaves clamor for governmental order.  Down here, few if any pay it any attention.  It’s loud… it’s noisy… it’s unpredictable.  It’s freedom.


As just stated, most Americans nowadays would be aghast to see this unruliness.  Where is the police presence?  Guard rails?  Permits?

Nope, people just show up and organize themselves.  Sure it can be unpredictable.  It can even cause some mild discomfort as things change all around you with no warning.  Tempestuous sea, remember?

“Is that legal?” US slaves would surely ask. They so easily regurgitate the propaganda and further enslave themselves.  But, legal and lawful are two different things.

“Legal” pertains to man made rules invented by the slave owners (the ruling class).  Laws pertain to laws of the land based purely on common sense.  Natural laws are so self-evident as to need no policing.  If someone steals from, hits, kills or rapes your friends or family you know that something horrible has happened and something must be done to rectify it.

When someone eats a marijuana infused cookie, that is considered illegal in most places.  But it is obviously not unlawful.  Here’s the easy way to know how to tell the difference.  If you know someone who supports victimless crime laws, tell them to handle it themselves.  If they really think people should be kidnapped for enjoying a plant that is deemed illegal by the overseers, tell them to go and find people who are doing that, go into their homes, kidnap them at gunpoint and put them in a cage in their house for a few years.  Seem wrong?  Well, it isn’t justified when someone else does it for you.  Not to mention, once you have a million laws, everyone becomes a suspect.

My good friend, Gary Gibson, Editor of, stated recently on the topic of legality and “law” inforcement, “You don’t even need violence and kidnapping and rape to punish violence, kidnapping and rape.”  He went on to state the case for the government getting out of “law” enforcement… and everything, actually.

But, imagine if this motorcycle get-together occurred in the US.  How many US “laws” are broken in that video?  People driving on the wrong side of the street… no helmets… not making a complete stop at stop signs etc… etc… etc…

So, if this occurred in the US it’d be chaos as riot police would charge in to “restore order” and hundreds would be kidnapped and put in cages.  Anderson Cooper would be reporting live wearing a combat helmet and telling people how dangerous it is… it’d be front page news.  People would huddle around their water coolers talking about what a horrible situation it was.

Whereas, here in Mexico, everyone just had a really good time.

This is a prime example of how statism is chaos and destroys civilization, while freedom is spontaneous order and is our only hope for civilization.


Getting back to the state of affairs in the United Slaves of America, a Dollar Vigilante subscriber mentioned to me that today is “Armed Forces Day” in the US.

The USSA, in particular, is especially cognizant of the importance of keeping a monumental standing army, navy, marines, seals, air force and more.  After all, few places are as vulnerable as the US.  The Canadians, as everyone knows, are constantly sharpening their hockey sticks from the North and threatening to invade.  No one knows better than I how the Mexicans are plotting to carpet bomb the US with al pastor tacos and spicy red sauce… or as they sinisterly call it, salsa rojo.  And then, in a terrible turn of events, to the east and west the US is encircled by thousands of miles of oceans that makes it so easy for any nation just to sail right up and take over.

It’s an incredibly precarious situation.  Not to mention that the US citizenry are the most heavily armed people on Earth and each autumn the eighth largest army in the world – more men under arms than Iran; more than France and Germany combined – deploy to the woods of Wisconsin to keep the deer population under control.   Or the 750,000 who were in the woods of Pennsylvania or Michigan’s 700,000 hunters. Toss in a quarter million hunters in West Virginia, and the hunters of those four states alone would comprise the largest army in the world.

But still, that is no match for… the Iraqi army!  Thank goodness they were taken out before they stormed the shores of Massachusetts like a modern day Verdun!  The horror!

So, thank you, hired murderers of the US military on this day for keeping this incredibly vulnerable group of people safe.

And thank you too, Obomba, for all your efforts in keeping your serfs safe in this incredibly dangerous world.


While we are here, I just wanted to send a shout-out to TDV Golden Trader editor, Vin Maru, who did exactly what we were hoping he would do.  We have about 30% of our portfolio invested in gold stocks, anticipating a potential bubble fomenting, but in the TDV newsletter we don’t focus on daily, weekly or even monthly ins and outs in the market.  And it is an incredibly volatile market, as anyone following it knows.

That’s why we created the TDV Golden Trader and brought Vin aboard.  We hoped he would help us to foresee the moments where we can get in and out of this market, and manage the volatility.

He did exactly that.  He put out a blanket sell on the exact day that the junior market began to sell off.

I’ve truly never met a better trader in the Junior markets.  Ed Bugos, TDV’s Senior Analyst, is a world renowned gold mining analyst but he is not charged with the responsibility to trade in and out over the short term.  But Vin Maru, as we know from a lot of TDVGT subscriber correspondence, saved many subscribers a lot of money over the last few months.

That is why we added Vin to the growing TDV team.

These markets will come back, in our opinion.  And possibly very soon.  Vin just recently told subscribers his thoughts for the coming months… it may be worth your while to hear what he has to say.


A lot of our readers have been visiting Acapulco recently to spend some time with the Dollar Vigilante in person… some have bought condos in our building (AcaCondos) and some have just stayed here for a vacation in one of the suites in our boutique hotel (LTGPS).  We’ve got about a dozen people coming over the next few weeks.

We are building a great community of like-minded people down here… and it looks like it will continue that way.  We did a couple of interviews for Anarchast with some fine young, freedom minded anarchists recently.  Here is one with Josh Luther entitled “Law is Magic“.  And here is one of my most favorite interviews yet, direct from the beach in Acapulco with David Giessel entitled, “The State is a Self Licking Ice Cream Cone“.


We recently ran a marketing campaign where we invited people who like Ron Paul to “like” our Facebook page (like it here).  We stated that we’d donate $201.20 for every 1,000 new likes we received. Since the launch, we received nearly 1,000 new likes! True to our word, we donated that amount to the Ron Paul campaign today.

Now, I know, many anarchist followers of us will be aghast!  ”How dare you donate one penny to the political system!” they are saying.

Well, we agree.  We are anarchists.  We believe the state is an unnecessary evil. However, we support freedom and liberty in whatever form it comes in.  And as good friend to TDV, Lew Rockwell stated (here), Ron Paul is turning more people towards the liberty movement than anyone else alive right now.

So, welcome to the 1,000 new Ron Paul-ites in our midst.  Don’t get too fluxored with our anarchic rhetoric.  We are all friends here.  If you realize the state is evil then we are in agreement.  Sure, many people are still of the belief that you can change the system from within the system itself.  And others, called minarchists, believe that government is a necessary evil… but it must be very small.  They are, in effect saying, that they like just a little bit of evil.

Us libertarians are still a small minority in the brainwashed west and we must stick together.  I cringed when we made our first political donation of $201.20 today.  But I did it in the spirit of freedom.  I don’t support the political process, but I do support Ron Paul.  He is the freedom “gateway drug” right now and I, and we at TDV, have thrown our support behind him.  

Keep kicking ass and awakening the masses, Ron Paul!

“Getting Your Gold Out of Dodge” is available here.  It is free to TDV and TDV Golden Trader subscribers or for a one-time price of $44.95 USD.  It may be the best use of your fiat Federal Reserve Notes you’ve ever spent. Reprinted with permission from The Dollar Vigilante.

Jeff Berwick [send him mail] is an anarcho-capitalist freedom fighter and Chief Editor of the libertarian, Austrian economics grounded newsletter, The Dollar Vigilante. The Dollar Vigilante focuses on strategies, investments and expatriation opportunities to survive & prosper during and after the US dollar collapse.

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