The Slave Card Stampede

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by Jeff Berwick: Is
This What Freedom Look Like?



Face it, we
live in a prison planet.  Just try travelling without a government
issued slave card
… a slave card (passport) that states right
on the first page that it is not your property. It is the property
of the government who purports to own you in the geographic region
where you just happened to be born or settled.

You’d like
to go somewhere and work?  Not so fast, you need permission!
 Almost any nation-state on Earth will demand you get  permission
to work (permit/visa) if you wish to go to a different tax farm
and be productive.  And even if they allow you to work there
they will almost surely take a large part of the fruits of your

We’re all slaves
now.  But, given that this is the case, what can we do to live
more freely in an unfree world?

One of the
answers is counter-intuitive.  In a world where we need our
masters permission, a slave card, to move about, one way to become
more free is to actually get more slave cards… Or, if your current
slave card happens to be very onerous just to have, then it is best
to get rid of the one you were given (renunciation… or just walk
away) and get a better one.


Nowhere on
Earth is this more important currently than for US citizens.  US
citizens are already the most globally enslaved people on Earth.
 They cannot open a stock brokerage account anywhere outside
of the US.  Soon they will not be able to open a bank account
outside of the US (due to the ramifications of FATCA).
 As we reported (“Hear
That?  It’s The Sound of the Door Shutting for Americans
most banks have already stopped accepting US citizens as clients. On
top of this, Bill
, which is currently making its way through congress would
suspend the ability to get a US slave card for those who are delinquent
on paying their taxes.

Then, just
when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, the US Government came
up with the “Expatriation
Prevention by Abolishing Tax-Related Incentives for Offshore Tenancy
.  If this criminal bill passes it will bar anyone
deemed to have renounced their citizenship for tax reasons from
ever returning to the US.  It will also place a 30% capital
gains tax on any income derived from the US for life.  And,
the cherry on the cake, this Act would be retroactive to anyone
who has renounced in the last 10 years.  So, if this bill passes,
and you had renounced your US citizenship in 2003 you will never
be able to return to the US ever again and could be liable to the
US Government for massive amounts of money.


But here’s
the thing, if you have your eyes open to what is going on, why would
you want to go back anyway?  Of course, many people have friends
and family still in the USSA and would like to visit them.  But
they live in a Fasco-Communist
Police State
.  Why would you want to visit there?

The photo above
was taken just this last weekend in Chicago.

have to get used to the fact that they are the new Jews
.  How
many Jews who had left Germany in the 1930s would be sad to hear
in 1942 that they couldn’t return?  And in the communist heyday
of last century, when people defected from places like Cuba, Vietnam,
China and the Soviet Union they knew that they could never go back.
 In fact, many of them never saw their family again.

The USSA is
now fast approaching these levels.  The US Government is first
closing all the doors and trying to portray those with money who
have left as unpatriotic.  Meanwhile, Occupy Wall Street, full
of mostly Marxists and college kids indoctrinated in socialism,
continue to bang the drums for the heads of anyone who has been
productive and has any assets.

The wealthy
are wealthy for a reason.  They are usually pretty smart and
those except for useful idiots like Mark
“it’s patriotic to pay taxes” Cuban
are already eyeing the exit.
 And, as the wealthy sneak out tax revenues will continue to
decline and the Federal Parasite, already well-past bankrupt, will
continue to feed off its remaining citizens until the US resembles
something like Cambodia after the Killing Fields… devoid of intelligent,
productive people and left with the impoverished communists who
will eat each other alive in their quest for “fairness” and receiving
their “entitlements” at the expense of others.

You want to
go back to that?


act as with all government programs is having the opposite effect
of its intention.  Instead of people not wanting to leave the
US because of the threat that they will not be allowed to return
it is creating the exact opposite reaction.  This has opened
the eyes of those who had been feeling very uneasy about the direction
of the US for the last few decades.  Rising taxes, rising regulation,
rising police state, less freedom, less economic opportunity.  But
now, to see the US Government actually naming an act the “Expatriation
Prevention” Act and looking to do everything to ban people from
leaving, only the most brainwashed are unable to see where this
is all headed.

Citizens of
other western countries should take note of what is going on in
the US and realize that even two years ago none of these acts were
in place.  This is how quickly your government can shut down
the borders.

Now the question
amongst westerners is moving beyond, “should I leave?”… to “how
to leave?”

We’ve been
working for the last two years to set-up networks and services to
help those who wish to internationalize their wealth and self…
and we’ve never been busier.  It’s a slave card stampede.  

In countries
around the world we’ve been brokering deals, finding loopholes and
setting up affiliates to get us numerous different passports for
all different price ranges and time frames.  Contact us at
if you’d like a consultation on what is best for you.

This week,
in the TDV Dispatch to subscribers we will be giving the details
on how to get a passport from a Caribbean island in as fast as three

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with permission from The
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Berwick [send him mail]
is an anarcho-capitalist freedom fighter and Chief Editor of the
libertarian, Austrian economics grounded newsletter, The
Dollar Vigilante
. The Dollar Vigilante focuses on strategies,
investments and expatriation opportunities to survive & prosper
during and after the US dollar collapse.

Best of Jeff Berwick

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