How To Hide From Big Brother: Designer’s Make-Up Tips on Tricking Face-Recognition Software (and Still Look Good While Doing It)

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In a world of ever-expanding surveillance, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to escape the clutches of security cameras.

But one designer has issued advice on how to keep yourself hidden from the ‘Big Brother’ organisations which now film many public areas and police internet.

And he insists it is possible to keep away from prying eyes while remaining stylishly dressed.

A number of surveillance programmes now rely on being able to recognise an image of the human face using automated technology.

This is used for entirely innocent ends by photo-sharing websites such as Facebook which allow users to ‘tag’ themselves and others in the images they upload.

But it could also be used by governments to identify criminals or even protesters, and it also has huge potential for advertisers to personalise their commercials.

Now designer Adam Harvey is fighting back by educating people in how to avoid being detected by face-recognition software, according to CNN.

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