Is Obama as Bright as He Seems? New Evidence Reveals His College Class Got Lower SAT Scores Than Dubya

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Barack Obama may have got worse high school grades than George W Bush after new evidence showed the current president was among a college class with poor average SAT scores.

Doubts about the supposedly superior intellect of Mr Obama were first raised after he refused to release his academic record.

He has also made some factual errors during his time in the job – although he is still a very long way behind his gaff-prone predecessor.

But now it has emerged that Mr Obama was among a 1981 intake of transfers to New York’s Columbia University that was at the time branded one of the worst ever.

The president, who moved from Occidental Community College in Los Angeles, was among 67 students whose average combined math and verbal score on the Scholastic Aptitude Test is a 1,100, according to a report obtained by Breitbart News.

By comparison, Mr Bush – who earned a history degree from Yale in 1968 – got 1206 out of a possible 1600 points in the same test he took at Andover boarding school in Massachusetts.

If Mr Obama, who majored in political science at Columbia, were near the average of that year, it would mean he had worse high school grades than a president derided by many as the dumbest in history.

Of course, Mr Obama went on to distinguish himself by going on to earn the second highest honour in a graduate law degree at Harvard.

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