'Money Is No Object. I Just Can't Find the Right Person'

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by Simon Black: All
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Jim Rogers
has famously commented that, if you were smart in the 18th century,
you moved to France. If you were smart in the 19th century, you
moved to England. If you were smart in the 20th century, you moved
to the US. And if you’re smart in the 21st century, you move
to Asia.

It’s an
absolutely true statement. Each time I’m in Asia, I’m
overwhelmed at not only the massive opportunity that abounds for
productive, creative, intelligent people, but also what a huge difference
there is in cultural sentiment.

From Singapore
(where I just departed last night) to Vietnam to Mongolia to the
Philippines, Asia is full of optimism and confidence, not doom and

Money is no
object. I just cant find the right person.

The reason
is simple. Asian economies are based on production and savings.
Western economies are based on consumption and debt. The market
is simply reshuffling wealth, capital, and opportunity appropriately.

nice is that, like our ancestors before us who moved abroad in search
of a better life, anyone can choose to take advantage of this trend.

For someone
seeking employment, for example, Asia is full of prospects for both
workers and professionals. English teachers are in incredibly high
demand across the continent. Experienced professionals are routinely
awarded with handsome executive compensation, raking in huge salaries
from Abu Dhabi to Beijing.

Money is no
object. I just cant find the right person.

I had dinner
last night with a friend in Singapore who was telling me that he
would gladly pay a $1 million salary to the right person to manage
his successful business. As he told me, “Money is no object,
I just can’t find the right person.”

Aside from
employment prospects, unique investment opportunities abound. I
had a meeting with some private bankers in Singapore yesterday who
were telling me about a number of really fantastic options they
had available for clients.

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