Time To Pay Your Taxes, Slaves

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by Jeff Berwick: Getting
Your Gold Out of Dodge



As an expatriate
PT (Permanent Tourist or Prior Taxpayer) I legally do not have to
pay income taxes. Nearly a decade ago when I lived in Canada and
complained about the socialist government and the taxes many brainwashed
government lovers would tell me, "if you don’t like it, leave."

I happily did
and it’s been easily one of the best things I’ve ever done. Nothing
feels so great as not having to track all your income and expenses
and spending hours, days or weeks "filing" your taxes.
So, each year around this time I get awakened from my own little
bubble in paradise when I see a headline reminding the serfs that
it is time to pay their due. This year in the US it is April 17th.
In Canada it is April 30th.


There is an
old joke in Canada that comments on the socialist, slave nature
of Canada versus the more entrepreneurial, capitalist nature of
Americans. This joke doesn’t apply as much anymore as the US has
sunk to Canadian levels… and the Canadians, almost miraculously,
have possibly become more capitalistic in some ways now than Americans.

But, the joke
as it used to be told was this. A man goes to a seafood shop to
buy some crabs. There are two tanks full of crabs. One has a lid
on it and the other doesn’t. The customer asks why there is only
a lid on one of the tanks. The proprietor explains, the tank with
the lid are American crabs. If you don’t put a lid on it they’ll
all escape, he explains. And the other, the customer asks? Those
are Canadian crabs. If one tries to escape the others will drag
it back down with them.

This phenomenon,
known as the "crab
" is now quite ubiquitous throughout the western
world where public education and the government controlled media
have made entrepreneurs and successful people out to be the bad
guys. Just ask anyone in a drum circle at Occupy Wall Street.

I have dealt
with this numerous times in my personal life growing up in Canada.
When I first quit my job at a bank to start up an internet company
(Stockhouse.com – still
Canada’s largest financial website with more than a million users)
I got surrounded by old ladies at the bank trying to talk me out
of my decision.

"Are you
crazy?" they’d say. "You have free dental if you work

In the twenty
years since I quit I estimate my total dental costs, especially
because I’ve lived in Thailand and Mexico mostly since then, at
about $400… mostly in cleanings at $10-25/each. Wow, was that
ever a mistake!

And then, nearly
ten years ago, when I bid a fond adieu to Canada, many of the local
slaves questioned my sanity. But, if you don’t pay hundreds of thousands
of dollars per year in income tax you are giving up your "free"
medical care!

For the record,
my total medical care costs in those ten years is probably about
$1,000. $100 per year.

This is the
slave/crab mentality.


If you can
somehow arrange your affairs to make the majority of your income
as a contractor or over the internet you can set yourself up to
escape the tax game. These are topics we regularly speak about at
TDV. Both ways to earn income in non/low-tax countries and also
how to get foreign residencies/citizenship to legally emancipate

My mentor,
Doug Casey, recently stated:

is a slave? He’s someone who is deprived by force of the fruits
of his labor. Sound familiar? I disapprove of slavery, in any
form – including its current form."

Paying half
of your income to government extortion is no different than slavery…
unless you actually want to pay it. But, ask yourself, if you weren’t
forced at the barrel of a gun to pay taxes, would you voluntarily
submit a cheque every year?

Many countries,
such as the Dominican Republic (DR), only tax you on income made
in the country. So, if you derive no income from the Dominican Republic
and you are a DR resident or citizen (something we help many achieve
at TDVPassports.com) you
can legally set yourself up to pay no taxes… unless you are one
of the only truly globally enslaved people, a US citizen. In that
case you can still not pay taxes on your first $90,000 (check with
your tax slave consultant for details). But almost every other citizen
on Earth will not have to pay any income tax. In Paraguay, another
place we help emancipate people to, there is no income tax. They’ve
been trying to implement it for a few years but the citizenry keeps
fighting against it. What a country!

Many other
places are also tax-free, like St. Kitts and Dominica. And others,
such as Bulgaria, have a 10% flat tax. We can help you achieve status
in all of these countries and we are scouring the world for other
places… currently we are in Cambodia working on a fast-track residency
and citizenship there through official channels.


Many people,
even some of my most libertarian and freedom minded friends still
have trouble with the thought of giving up their US citizenship.
This is how deep the brainwashing and belief in the past –
when the US was one of the only places to really get ahead –

But, here is
the way I see it. If we are right and the US continues to devolve
into a horrific fascist police state for the foreseeable future
then there won’t be the opportunities there like there were in the
past. In that case, giving up your citizenship and becoming a citizen
elsewhere has great benefit. And the only other thing that can occur,
given the financial state of affairs in the US, is that the US Government
defaults and instead of being nearly 50% of the US economy it recoils
back to a very small government again. In that case, things like
Homeland Security, the IRS and the hundreds of three letter agencies
all disappear, meaning that the US would revert back to a similar
state it was pre-Federal Reserve/Income tax. In this case, you won’t
need a "green card" or to be a citizen to live and work
in the geographical area known as the US. So, once again, US citizenship
won’t be a limiting factor in taking advantage in the wealth of
new opportunities in the region.

In either case,
giving up your US citizenship is a win-win.

Of course,
if you are not a US citizen you are not restricted to the same extent
and there is no need to give up your passport… at least, until
they devolve and become more like the US, taxing non-resident citizens
on worldwide income. In that case, if you already have a second
citizenship you can turn on your webcam, light your passport on
fire and email the video to them and tell them good riddance.


It is for this
reason that we see the current state of affairs as having a lot
of opportunity as well as a lot of risk. Never before has it been
so easy to internationalize your affairs and escape the oppressive,
collectivist dragnets. But, if you don’t, you could find yourself
with no options. And now, with places like the US stating in
Bill 1813 that even owing the IRS money is reason enough for them
to suspend your "privelidge" to travel
, and you could
be trapped. Like a crab in a tank with a lid on it.

I escaped years
ago… and it is one of the best things I’ve ever done. You still
have this option… but it won’t be long before western governments
realize the "revenue" leakage they are losing by allowing
their tax slaves to escape.

Think about
this as you file your tax return this year.

Your Gold Out of Dodge” is available here
.  It is free
to TDV and TDV
Golden Trader
subscribers or for a one-time price of $44.95
USD.  It may be the best use of your fiat Federal Reserve Notes
you’ve ever spent. Reprinted
with permission from The
Dollar Vigilante

17, 2012

Berwick [send him mail]
is an anarcho-capitalist freedom fighter and Chief Editor of the
libertarian, Austrian economics grounded newsletter, The
Dollar Vigilante
. The Dollar Vigilante focuses on strategies,
investments and expatriation opportunities to survive & prosper
during and after the US dollar collapse.

Best of Jeff Berwick

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