Business School?

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by James Altucher: How
To Be Less Stupid



J. Torres ? @victorres11
Is business school never a good option? Or only sometimes?
If so, when?

I don't mean to insult anyone who has gone to business school or
is going. You are doing it for your own reasons, so feel free to
ignore me. I'm not even in favor of college so obviously what I'm
about to say about business school is a natural outcome of that.

There is NEVER
a good reason to go to business school. Let's add up the cons:

A) Expensive.
You'll have more loans.

B) You take
yourself out of the work market for two entire years. That's enormous
when a smart person like yourself is not only spending money but
not making money. They'll teach you in Economics 101 that's called
u201Copportunity costu201D. And its ginormous.

C) Business
school classes are junk. How do I know this? Because I took some.
I stopped showing up at classes, I didn't do the homework, I'd get
a C- on the Final andwhat would my final grade be? B+. Why so high?
Because business schools want you to have high grades so so you
can get great jobs so they can advertise that all their students
work at GoldmanSachs now. They wouldn't want to say the opposite:
that all their ex students now work at gas stations. So the actual
education is BS.

And what are
the pros of business school:

A) You network
with other people that will be up and coming middle managers at
Procter & Gamble. This is a valuable network so I can't discount
it. But…if you are out there in the real world starting business,
working your way up the corporate ladder, or painting/acting/writing/whatever,
you'll build a powerful network anyway over two years and without
the debt.

That's it.
There are no other pros. Everything you can learn in business school
you can learn by starting a business or working for a good one.
And then some.

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9, 2012

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