New Book: 40 Alternatives to College!

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by James Altucher: Business



Alternatives To College

And it’s
almost all original material as opposed to a rehash of my various
posts on higher education.

So please help
me save lives. Students think they will have fun, think they will
be independent, think they will get a job that will make their lives
better. So they go to college.

They do this
because they think their lives will miss something if they don’t.
They will miss all sorts of valuable discourse, intellectual elevation,
socializing unheard of before in their high school years, and ultimately
the American dream of job, spouse, house, white picket fence, grow
old, get a gold watch, die.

They have
been brainwashed into thinking they will be worthless without college.
How sad for them. How sad for their parents.

But they are
wrong. They are only 18. They are babies. How can they know with
such surety that this is THE ONLY way they can achieve their goals?
Maybe there are better ways. Maybe there are 40 better ways. Or

I don’t
want you to think I strung together blog posts. I didn’t. I
present my reasons very clearly why kids should not go to college.
I do this after receiving thousands of hate mails on this topic
and knowing what people’s touch points are.

And I separately
go over why parents should not sent their kids to college. I go
over the true costs of what college costs, including the opportunity

I answer the
questions people have been constantly asking me like, “Won’t
they get a better job?” Or “You went to college so how
can you tell people not to?” Would someone also say that to
a murderer?

And finally,
I borrow from my post “8 Alternatives to College”, expand
those eight and wrote 32 more to come up with “40
Alternatives to College

I do this with
all sincerity. I priced the book as little as I could (99 cents)
and it’s even free for Amazon Prime members. Any meager money
I make on this will be donated to whatever foundation I can find
that can keep people from going to college. Nothing in my career
has anything to do with this. It did not help me in any way to spend
100s of hours getting this book ready and available to you and your

I am shamed
by the indentured servitude that our 22-year-olds find themselves
in when they graduate. Student loan debt just topped a trillion
dollars for the first time. I am ashamed by an America that let
this happen. I describe in the book the groups who benefit from
that trillion dollars. They don’t care about 18-year-olds.
They care about their own egos. They care about money.

Can you get
a job at Goldman Sachs if you don’t go to college? Or even
Google? Probably not. But there’s at least 40 alternatives
and probably thousands more. And, after trying these alternatives
you now have the grace and intelligence (and knowledge that you
are comfortable with the massive debt load you will be taking on)
then please go.

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18, 2012

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