Thank You for Your Service? No Thanks!

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by Gary D. Barnett: Divide
and Conquer: AGovernmentAgenda



It would be
very difficult for me to think of any term that disgusted me more
than those words uttered continuously in the presence of virtually
any soldier in the United States: "Thank you for your service."

What service
is actually being praised by those conditioned to say these empty
words? Why are they thanking and praising nearly every soldier they

  • Is it because
    hatred of the U.S. is increasing, and new enemies are being created
    in the Middle East and all around the rest of the world?
  • Is it because
    thousands and thousands of innocent people are being killed now
    in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen,
    and many more are being threatened?
  • Is it because
    20,000,000 to 30,000,000 foreigners, mostly innocent civilians,
    have died just since World War II due to U.S. interference and
  • Is it because
    indefinite detention without due process, torture, assassination,
    and rendition are now common and accepted practices?
  • Is it because
    suicide rates among American soldiers have increased 80% since
    the Iraq War began?
  • Is it because
    mental problems now send more military personnel to the hospital
    than any other cause?
  • Is it because
    destruction and separation of military families is rampant?

  • Is it because
    civil liberties have all but disappeared due to so-called terrorism
    legislation? (terror legislation would be more accurate)
  • Is it because
    of the creation of the USA PATRIOT Act, Military Commissions Act,
    NDAA, TSA, and Department of Homeland Security (DHS)?
  • Is it because
    of the massive buildup of killer drones abroad and at home?
  • Is it because
    the huge deficit spending to support multiple aggressive wars
    is causing economic chaos?
  • Is it because
    of the surging number of double amputees of American soldiers?
  • Is it because
    of increasing energy costs due to the United States unwarranted
    presence in the Middle East region?
  • Is it because
    the domestic police have now become a brutal militarized force,
    bent on controlling the entire population?

I could of
course go on, but the picture is clear. Those who continue to believe
the propaganda about all U.S. wars leading to the protection of
freedom, and to our national security, are blinded by ignorance,
and consumed by pathetic false patriotism. No U.S. wars have ever
served the purpose of freedom; they have only served to destroy

Due to these
wars of aggression and occupation, our freedoms are virtually non-existent
today. We are spied upon, tracked, searched without warrant, sexually
assaulted, and radiated. There are now checkpoints in many parts
of the country where it is demanded that we "show our papers,"
and killer spy drones are filling our skies. Government agents and
the military are patrolling all U.S. borders, and Blackhawk war
helicopters sporting heavily armed soldiers hanging on tethers are
flying over our cities.

Because of
these wars, the government has gained enormous power, and continues
its assault on liberty. A police state environment has taken hold,
and if not curbed soon, will lead to Martial Law in the near future.
The DHS has purchased enough killing ammunition to murder more than
twice the population, and on the say so of one man, Americans can
and are being assassinated. Why?

In order for
our national security to be defended, we first have to be attacked.
That has not happened. In order to protect freedom here at home,
all foreign wars must cease, and all the government agencies and
"terrorism" legislation created since 9/11 should be abolished
immediately! Every U.S. base on foreign soil should be closed, and
every troop stationed in another country should come home and enter
the private sector. At least that would be a good start.

There is a
reason that the young are sent as cannon fodder to die in the wars
of the politicians, bankers, and corporations. They are less likely
to challenge the orders they are given; orders meant to be obeyed
regardless of the immoral nature of those demands, and regardless
of the horrible consequences they will most certainly face. Those
who "serve" do not serve the people who falsely praise
them; they only serve one master, and that master is the nation
state and its benefactors. It is not "we the people."

Thank you for
your service? Absolutely not! We can't afford any more of this kind
of service!

21, 2012

D. Barnett [send him mail]
is president of Barnett Financial Services, Inc., in Lewistown,
Montana. Visit his website.

Best of Gary D. Barnett

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