‘Beer Goggles’ Fool Women the Most: Scientists Discover Why People Are More Attractive After a Few Drinks

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It is a phenomenon most often associated with the more than mildly inebriated male.

But it seems that it is in fact women who are more likely to be fooled by their ‘beer goggles’.

Scientists have worked out why members of the opposite sex can seem more attractive after a few drinks – and they found that women’s judgement was more greatly clouded by alcohol.

Researchers at London’s Roehampton University asked more than 100 men and women to rate pairs of faces.

Some did the tests while drinking a strong vodka and tonic. Others were given a similar-tasting non-alcoholic drink or orange squash.

One of the tests involved looking at faces and stating whether they thought each one was symmetrical or non-symmetrical.

Scientists have long known symmetry to be tied to attraction, with a face in which one half mirrors the other seen as a sign of good genes and good health.

The men and women given the vodka and tonic found it more difficult to work out if a face was symmetrical than those on soft drinks.

Researcher Lewis Halsey said: ‘People that had drink tended to be less good at noticing if a face was asymmetrical, they often saw it as being symmetrical when it was asymmetrical.’

And the women drinkers were particularly bad at the task, the journal Addiction reports.

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