Terrorizing, Smuggling, and Assault: All in a Week's Work at the TSA

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by Becky Akers: Traumatizing
Tykes at the TSA



The TSA’s
had a banner week. It began with former Head Cheese, Kip
– the guy who foisted the liquids-in-baggies nonsense
on us – bleating that the agency is “broken” and
it’s no wonder Americans hate it. As if to prove him right,
screeners beat up on little girls – twice. And it was
only Monday. By Wednesday, cops had arrested four screeners at Los
Angeles International who took a break from pawing passengers to
smuggle illicit drugs through checkpoints. Meanwhile, a Congressman
alleged assault after a “very aggressive … pat-down.”

Hmmm. Seems
there are several clues here that perhaps we might want to, oh,
I don’t know, abolish this vile agency.

Isabella Brademeyer was flying out of Wichita, Kansas with her mother,
brother and grandmother after a stint as flower-girl in her uncle’s
wedding. Isabella successfully negotiated the checkpoint’s
charade, but her grandmother wasn’t as fortunate, and the TSA
ordered her aside for a groping. Isabella offered the lady a child’s
best comfort: she ran to her and hugged her for a “few seconds,”
according to her mother’s account on Facebook.

Or, in the
TSA’s words, Isabella “had completed screening but had
contact with another member of her family who had not completed
the screening process.” Uh-oh. That shot across the Homeland’s
bow galvanized the Warriors on Terror. Thank Heaven for their practice
in neutralizing cupcakes and strip-searching octogenarians: these
crack troops knew exactly how to protect us from affectionate grandkids.
Isabella’s mother reports that they began “yelling”
at the little girl, “demand[ing] she too must sit down and
await a full body pat-down.” Indeed, they scared her so badly
that she “did what any frightened young child might, she ran
the opposite direction. … I will never forget the look of pure
terror on her face.”

Ergo, the TSA
declared Isabella a “high-security-threat.” But fear not:
two Warriors chased this “not cooperating” “suspect”
(their actual phrasing, per Ms. Brademeyer) while ordering her mother
“to have no contact with my child.” Eventually, they captured
Isabella, frisked her to ensure that Granny hadn’t slipped
her a WMD during their brief hug, and allowed the family to board
their flight. “It was an awful sight,” Ms. Bradenmeyer
says in understatement as vast as the federal debt. “…My
daughter is very shaken up about this, and has been waking up with

As should we
all. What has the country become that we permit such savaging of
children? Yet the TSA defended the indefensible, as usual: ”TSA
has reviewed the incident and determined that our officers followed
proper screening procedures in conducting a modified pat-down on
the child.” Parents, take note: the TSA justifies traumatizing
little ones as “proper screening procedures.” You may
want to boycott flying lest concerned citizens sic Child Welfare
Services on you.

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28, 2012

Akers [send her mail] writes
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