The Ultimate Bug Out Kit

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Recently by Jessica Hooley: The Ultimate Bug Out Kit


In my quest for ultimate preparation, I found that the average 72 hour kit sold at your local sports outlet isn’t a practical approach to bugging out. Most ready-made kits are all but useless containing minimal calories and a destitute number of tools for survival. That’s why I decided to create my own ultimate bug out bag.

Before I get going crazy on all the wonderful prepper items you need to add to your kits, a couple disclaimers:

First – This kit is not for wussies. If you’re going to survive a coronal mass ejection, nuclear warfare, EMP attack, natural disasters or anything else you happen to be preparing for, you need to be in good shape. Health and fitness are essential to survival and this kit is made for people who take that seriously. It has some weight to it, but not more than an in shape person should be able to handle.

Second – This is a “96 hour” kit for two people. There are several tools you will only need one of between the two people. It’s an easy way to distribute weight and add more essentials. I put the “96 hour” in quotations because essentially you can make this kit last as long as you need so long and you can supply yourself with adequate food.

Third disclaimer – I’ve linked several of these items to places where they are available for purchase. I receive no monetary gain for you purchasing them at these particular sites so feel free to shop around wherever you like. All of them will be available locally as well as online. When shopping for your items ALWAYS keep weight in mind.

Now to the good stuff:

2 – Backpacks (Highest quality available I’ve found at my local army navy store) 1 – First Aid Kit 1 – Body Powder 2 – Flashlights w/Extra Batteries 6 – Glowsticks (3 per person) 1 – Wind and Waterproof Matches Pack 1 – Magnesium Block 2 – Sandwich Bags Full of FiredUp! (Or any other fire starter/kindling kit of your choice) 1 – Map of Local Area 2 – Compasses with Measure (Learn to orienteer if you haven’t yet) 1 – Leatherman Pocket Knife 1 – Hand Saw 1 – Hatchet 1 – Compact Fishing Kit 2 – Cooking Sets (Or 1 large) 1 – Hunting Knife 1 – Stove and Fuel (Propane only. Do not buy an isobutene or butane camp stove. They don’t work in cold temperatures.)

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Jessica Hooley is an LDS prepper from Lehi, UT. She believes that emergency preparation is vital for everyone and that you don’t need to be a survival specialist to get the best emergency preparation for you and your family. Visit her website.

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