Who's the Real Criminal?

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by Jeff Berwick: It’s
Far Worse This Time ‘Round, Mr.Browne



Last week,
in the article, "The
Death of Privacy
", I stated that I wouldn’t care much about
privacy if it wasn’t for government. One reader wrote in and stated
that I should also be worried about privacy or someone could "steal
my identity".

I responded,
please, steal it! You think it is fun being handcuffed every time
I go to the US? If anyone wants to be Jeff Berwick, please, go right

It is crucial,
however, to retort the reasons government say they need to invade
and attack financial privacy of individuals. Because none of the
purported reasons have any basis on which to stand.

In the year
2000, Ron Paul said, sarcastically:

privacy must be sacrificed, it is argued, in order to catch money
launderers, drug dealers, mobsters and tax cheats."

So, these are
the scourges that we must divest all privacy and turn the world
into a massive police state? Let’s look at each of them individually
although they are all actually one in the same thing.

Money Launderers.
This, perhaps, is the funniest one. Governments make victimless
crimes illegal and then, because no law has ever stopped anyone
from doing anything they want to do, people continue to do those
things… but they are then forced to send the money on a world
tour in an attempt to not get robbed by the real criminals, governments,
on the pretense that they did something "illegal". Of
course, if victimless crimes weren’t crimes, money laundering wouldn’t
be necessary. So, government can stop money laundering today if
they want to. Of course, most of the major US banks are actually
government sanctioned money laundering centers for the CIA who runs
most of the cocaine into the US and who now controls the world opium
supply since their criminal occupation of Afghanistan.

Drug Dealers.
The most dangerous drug dealers on Earth all have mothers who
are so proud of them. They are called doctors. And they are shill-men
for the pharmaceutical industry who doles out drugs FAR more dangerous
than cannabis and the leaves of the coca plant. In 2009, 37,485
people died from prescription drugs such as OxyContin, Vicodin,
Xanax and Soma. Regularly, celebrities die from these drugs, such
as Whitney Houston recently. Where is the outcry to ban them? Most
people are actually now on these drugs and can’t actually think
anymore, that’s why. The War on Drugs is a genocidal farce that
has put millions of Americans in prison camps in the US and has
killed millions worldwide. Even today, a meth lab blew up killing
some people in a nursing home. CNN screamed about how this is more
reason to fight the War on Drugs. It is, of course, the exact opposite.
By pushing drugs underground the US Government was responsible for
this explosion… without it, most drug production companies would
be legal and operate safe facilities.

Mobsters would not exist without government. Mobsters get their
money from supplying the market with things it wants which the government
has declared illegal. In terms of supplying the market with things
it desires, mobsters and drug traffickers are entrepreneurial heroes.
They should be exhalted for taking so much risk to get people what
they want. Some may say that mobsters also do other bad things like
extortion. The worst extorters on Earth are governments. In most
countries they extort you for 50%+ of your income. Mobsters rarely
go that high, so they are preferable. And, besides, it is only because
of gun regulation laws and the threat of going to jail if you defend
yourself from a mobster’s extortion that keeps people from just
killing them and ending any further extortion.

Tax Cheats.
How is trying to avoid extortion by any possible means, "cheating"?
It’s not. Governments just indoctrinate us with propaganda to make
us feel like it is. The most heroic act one can make is to defend
themselves from government theft and to not contribute to an enterprise
that is violent, murderous and thieving.

All four of
these groups listed above are heroes of freedom.

And, in short,
it’s time we as a human race wake up and see government for what
it is. The internet has been around now for over 15 years so there
is no excuse for ignorance.

At the PDAC
conference in Toronto recently, after a speech I gave which was
very well received, a typical brainwashed Canadian approached me.
He was an older man, in his 60s… he still buys into the old paradigm.
He shouted, "How would we have traffic lights without government!

These types
embarrass themselves with their lack of knowledge. I told him to
go home and read some ebooks. These questions have all been answered.

The world’s
changing. It’s changing at a mind-numbing rate. And it will only
accelerate from here. Even the statist, Keynesian rag, The Economist,
featured an article recently called "In
Praise of a Second or Third Passport
". They espoused views
that citizenship is an anachronism. I never thought I’d hear that
from The Economist.

and the US Government in particular, is in its death throes. It
won’t exist in its current form even five years from now. It is
going the way of the Soviet Union for many of the same reasons (central
planning, and a fascist form of communism). And all of these things
they are doing, trying to enslave the world financially is just
a last ditch attempt at staying alive a little longer.

It won’t work…
not as long as we can keep the internet semi-free. That’s why they
spend most of their time trying to figure out a way to shut it down.

In the end,
however, they’ll be gone… just like every government in history.
But in the meantime we have to continue to protect ourselves from
their depredations. This includes investments in hard assets, precious
metals and internationalizing your life if possible. And if you
have no assets, still look to expatriate. Your ancestors came to
the US with empty pockets… now it is up to you to go to a more
free country even if it means doing the same.

Or, stay and
try to get through the transition… even this has major possibilities.
In fact, once the US Government collapses you will have a place
with over 300 million people who have intricate knowledge of how
a semi-capitalist system (real capitalism, not corporatism) works
and unsaddled from massive debts and government regulation they
could rebuild bigger and better than ever in a matter of years.
It could be the buying/investing opportunity of all-time.

Fortunes will
be made in the next few years as they always are during a major
paradigm shift. At the same time, however, millions will lose everything.
Keep in the loop here at The Dollar Vigilante to stay on the winning

Once we can
identify the real criminals and the real heroes properly we can
more easily move on to a better world. That time is coming.

with permission from The
Dollar Vigilante

8, 2012

Berwick [send him mail]
is an anarcho-capitalist freedom fighter and Chief Editor of the
libertarian, Austrian economics grounded newsletter, The
Dollar Vigilante
. The Dollar Vigilante focuses on strategies,
investments and expatriation opportunities to survive & prosper
during and after the US dollar collapse.

Best of Jeff Berwick

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