Obama's Arrogance and Rampant Hypocrisy!

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by Gary D. Barnett: I
Hate War!



I have been
watching the media circus concerning the very disturbing incident
that occurred in Sanford, Florida recently. It has been impossible
to stay away from, because the shooting of the young man, Trayvon
Martin, has become the headline story on virtually every single
media outlet. I have hesitated to write about this subject, and
will not comment on the case itself, but it has been sensationalized
almost beyond imagination. This could not have happened without
the mainstream media, and its drive to build a national story at
any cost.

My questions
would not concentrate on any racial implications because that should
be irrelevant, and because the untimely death of anyone, regardless
of color, is always a tragedy. So why is almost all the coverage
based on white versus black or black versus white?

I would ask,
why should the color of one's skin matter, and why should any greater
importance be placed on such a shallow and obvious race-related
conclusion? Aren't we all the same in that we are all human beings?
Aren't we all born with the same natural rights? Don't we all live
on this earth together? Do any of us have any say as to where we
are born, or what color we are? Do any of us deserve more favorable
consideration simply due the consequences of our birth and heritage?
Would race be such a big issue without the agitators, the politicians,
and the media's continuous stirring of the pot of hatred of one
group over another? In the scheme of things, is one man's life worth
more than another man's life, simply due to the color of his skin?
Only the truth should matter, except for those with an agenda, and
something to gain from the pain of others.

What is really
happening here? Is this story real or is it staged? What happened
is real, but those who wish to gain something from the death of
this young man have staged most of the rest. Those I speak of are
not interested in finding out the truth, and they are not interested
in the deceased or his family, they are only interested in themselves
and in gaining an audience.

Who are these
parasites? They are all different colors, and they are from the
left and from the right, but they are all the same. They are users,
and they are users with an agenda. Regardless whether they are in
the media, in politics, or just agitators looking to cause a racial
divide among us, they all come out for the cameras, and for the
notoriety they seek. They are much like scavengers who seem to gravitate
to any place where they are assured they can gain attention and
cause trouble.

And of course,
the president himself, Barrak Obama, the king of all politicians,
also came forward to speak to the nation about this particular incident.
His words and gestures were the epitome of agenda driven politics.
As usual, his phrases were carefully chosen, and delivered in such
a manner as to invoke false pity. He even made the comment: "My
main message is to the parents of Trayvon Martin. You know, if I
had a son, he'd look like Trayvon." With this statement, he
placed himself, metaphorically speaking, into the Martin family,
while at the same time using the death of this young man as a political
ploy to raise his poll numbers. What a narcissistic display by this
pathetic political performer!

There are on
average about 15,000 murders in the U.S. each year. Many more deaths
occur for other reasons every day, but Obama chose this single case
to take on personally, and spoke about it to the entire nation.
Why just this one incident? Why did he not feign sympathy for any
of the many other deaths that occur in this country? Why does he
not feign sympathy for the deaths of those innocents murdered overseas
by American forces, forces that he commands?

Obama's hypocrisy
here is beyond the pale, and is beyond the imagination of any moral
thinking person. This president has taken the aggressive wars started
during the Bush administration, and dramatically expanded the carnage.
He has presided over more aggressive interference and war in Egypt,
Pakistan, Libya, Yemen, and Syria, while threatening Iran and other
countries. His regime and its military have murdered thousands upon
thousands of innocent civilians in the Middle East. The recent attack
in southern Afghanistan by a U.S. soldier was a literal slaughter
of families, including little children while they slept. All this,
but not a whisper of real sympathy was ever forthcoming from Obama
about any of those deaths, except in the form of u2018blood money' to
pay off those relatives of slain family members in Afghanistan.

In October
of last year, Obama boasted of the assassination of an American
citizen, Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen. Two weeks later, the assassination
of al-Awlaki's 16-year-old son, an American citizen, took place,
and his 17-year-old cousin, and nine other young innocent people
died in that deliberate attack. Al-Awlaki's son was the third American
purposely murdered by the U.S. government in this two-week period.
None were given any benefit of trial or due process, and no sympathy
was forthcoming.

Does Obama
really care about the deaths of innocent people, including children?
Apparently, he wants the masses of apathetic state worshipers (voters)
in this country to think so, or why would he specifically choose
the Martin boy's death as his personal cause? There have been many
thousands of deaths of civilians overseas, and there are over 14,000
murders that occur in this country every single year, but he chose
only one to speak about. Why?

The answer
of course is obvious. This is pure hypocrisy! But it is not just
hypocrisy, but also political grandstanding used for Obama's personal
gain, this at the expense of the truth. What in the world has become
of humility, real sympathy, sensitivity, morality, and honesty?
What has become of love for one another? What has become of sanity?
I can tell you that none of these things exist in the White House,
and none exist in most of the mainstream media.

All those who
would use a "convenient" death to benefit themselves at
the expense of others, who would attempt to advance an agenda of
hate, and who would use their position to do these things, are calculating
and without principle. I concentrate on Obama here, not because
he is alone, but because of his powerful position. His behavior,
behavior that is also shared by those who support him, and those
who would act as he acts, is beyond contempt, and should serve as
evidence of the continuing decline of this society!

28, 2012

D. Barnett [send him mail]
is president of Barnett Financial Services, Inc., in Lewistown,
Montana. Visit his website.

Best of Gary D. Barnett

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