Don't Snoop: The Government Hates Competition

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by Becky Akers: The
‘Show Me’ States



The State owns
among its characteristics a hypocrisy as stunning, fatal, and over-the-top
as its double standards. And both are on horrific display in New
Jersey this week.

We first survey
the trial of Dharun Ravi, formerly a freshman at Rutgers University.
This week Our Rulers continued savaging him, as they have for the
past 18 months, because his roommate committed suicide. Yes, in
defiance of all justice and common sense, the socialist State now
holds us responsible for others' decisions.

Nor need the
"evidence" implicating us in their choices be any stronger
than a politician's promise, as Dharun's persecution proves.

It seems that
19 evenings into their first semester on campus, Dharun's roommate
kicked him out of their quarters because he had a "guest"
— a sin so common at college it's earned its own shorthand, "sexiling."

Ergo, Dharun
headed down the hall to Molly Wei's room; the two had known each
other since "middle school," as the State dubs its indoctrination
of kids 12 and 13 years old. There he borrowed Molly's computer
to check on his belongings via the webcam he'd activated in his
own room before leaving. He told Molly he was suspicious because
the "guest" was "an
older man
and did not appear to be a Rutgers student."
Further, his "disheveled
appearance made him look
u2018shady,' u2018scruffy' and u2018creepy.'"
Dharun didn't want his iPad and computer to disappear.

But theft
was not what the two saw on Molly's screen. Rather, they watched
the roommate and his paramour kissing. “We were both just kind of
really shocked, like, I can’t believe we just saw what we did,”
told her inquisitors in court this week
. They have suborned
her by promising to drop their bogus
"counts of invasion of privacy
" against her if she'll
rat out her friend. “It shouldn’t have happened and we saw something
that we didn’t expect to see and it just felt weird.”

Neither Molly
nor Dharun kept the filming or its streaming on the internet a secret:
within hours, many students, including the roommate, Tyler Clementi,
knew about his unwitting stardom in Dharun's webcast.

Call me a prude,
but had I learned my roommate filmed me in libre, let alone
flagrante, I would sure as heck have found someplace else
for my next rendezvous — and I'd have besieged the housing office
for a change in dorms. Not Tyler. He brazenly pulled the same
stunt in the same location two days later, with the same results
another webcast.

And the day
after that, Tyler killed himself. He
left a laconic note
on Facebook: "Jumping off the gw [George
Washington] bridge sorry.”

Never mind
that Tyler didn't mention Dharun, Molly, or the webcasts. Never
mind that "gay,
lesbian and bisexual students
are … four times more likely to
attempt suicide [than others], according to a 2007 Massachusetts
youth risk survey." Never mind that Tyler's amazingly active
extra-curricular life could have furnished him with any number of
reasons for his lethal leap, including blackmail or depression:
Our Rulers arrested both Dharun and Molly within
days of the death
. "For what?" you incredulously ask.
For "invasion of privacy." To Dharun's rap sheet, cops
added "witness
for the messages he sent to Wei [asking what she'd
told cops], bias intimidation, and hindering arrest."

And while
the trumped-up charges and kangaroo court are a joke, the penalties
aren't: 20-year-old Dharun
faces the possibility of ten years in prison
. Meanwhile, the
State has already flayed Molly. Not only have its minions forced
her to betray Dharun, they have enslaved her for 300 hours of "community
service" and tried to enroll her in "a
program on cyberbullying
or dealing with people with u2018alternative

Not that she
needs it: both she and Dharun are proud products of a century of
Progressivism. Neither seems to see anything the least bit immoral
in Tyler's behavior, despite the prosecutor's back-flips to portray
the opposite. In fact, much of the proceeding so far has consisted
of friends testifying to Dharun's tolerance. Behold the pathetic
pass to which American injustice has descended: a student who reacted
self-defensively at best and at worst pulled the sort of prank roommates
always have (even if technology and the modern contempt for decency
have raised the stakes on such shenanigans) has committed a murderously
malicious "crime." And the victim's strongest defense
is friends who swear that his opinions are appropriately PC.

It's already
beyond nauseating. Unbelievably, it gets worse. While the State's
phalanx of thugs beat up on college kids for supposedly invading
the privacy of one guy a couple of times, a secret “report” the
Associated Press “obtained” revealed how another troop of Leviathan's
sociopaths invaded the privacy of entire communities for a decade.

The New York
Police Department has been spying on all Muslims, not just ones
suspected of criminality, "across
the Northeast
following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks."
They apparently stepped up their unconstitutional surveillance in
2007, when "the
NYPD’s secretive Demographics Unit
fanned out across Newark,
photographing every mosque and eavesdropping in Muslim businesses."

Nor did these
little forays across the Hudson satisfy their itch to invade the
serfs' privacy: "Police
have built databases
showing where Muslims live, where they
buy groceries, what Internet cafes they use and where they watch
sports. Dozens of mosques and student groups have been infiltrated,
and police have built detailed profiles of local ethnic groups,
from Moroccans to Egyptians to Albanians." I daresay Muslims
and Moroccans aren't the only "ethnic groups" Our Rulers
harass, even if they're the only ones the NYPD mentions in the 60-page
report; indeed, "numerous
restaurants are also profiled in the report
, including a branch
of Dunkin’ Donuts" — though even Christians and Jews occasionally
patronize such confectionaries. And of course, the Orwellian PATRIOT
Act extends the State's noxious nosiness to all Americans.

NYPD’s intelligence unit also operates
far outside its jurisdiction
and has worked to keep tabs on Muslims across the Northeast. The
department has cataloged Muslim communities in Long Island, conducted
undercover operations in New Brunswick, N.J., and has turned often
innocuous Internet postings by Muslim student groups into police
files." The
AP drily adds
, "…residents [outside New York City] had
no reason to suspect the NYPD was watching them. And the department
is not accountable to their votes or tax dollars."

Nor have these
Keystone Kops shied from duplicating the very crime that may imprison
Dharun for ten years: they ludicrously and voraciously spied on
kids at "more
than a dozen universities throughout the north-eastern United States.
They even "sent
an undercover agent
on a whitewater rafting trip with some college
students." With priceless irony, they also established "a
safe house in an apartment
not far from [Rutgers — yep, Dharun's
alma mater]. The operation was blown when the building superintendent
stumbled upon the safe house and, thinking it was some sort of a
terrorist cell," — oh, how right he was! — "called the
police emerency [sic] dispatcher."

Recall Leviathan's
prissy, hyperbolic outrage at Dharun and Molly's "spying,"
though their subject not only heard about it almost immediately
but almost seemed to invite a recurrence. And contrast the vengeance
the State has wreaked on these two with its defense of the NYPD's
of … Muslim students [who] want
to have their own lives, their
own privacy and enjoy the same freedoms and opportunities that everybody
else has," according to "Tanweer Haq, chaplain of the
Muslim Student Association at Syracuse."

No matter:
York Gov. Andrew Cuomo
said he didn’t see any reason to second-guess
the NYPD’s methods … [New York City's mommy-sorry, mayor Michael]
Bloomberg already has given strong public support for the police
department’s efforts." Indeed, he decreed them "'legal,'
u2018appropriate' and u2018constitutional
…'" I may be going out
on a limb here, but I doubt either of these tyrants will recommend
even a day in prison or a minute of "community servitude"
for the perps.

None of whom
are even remotely contrite, by the way. Unlike Molly and Dharun,
who are mature enough not to lie when caught red-handed, they deny
they've done anything wrong. "Paul
Browne, the [NYPD's] deputy commissioner
for public information,
said: u2018There’s been a suggestion that what we are doing doesn’t
comport with legal requirements, and that’s not the case. Everything
we’re doing is done constitutionally.'" The criminals' leader
blames taxpayers, incredibly enough: we're picky ingrates who don't
appreciate the NYPD's heroics. "'Not
everybody is going to be happy
with everything the police department
does, that’s the nature of our business,' [NYC's] Police Commissioner
Raymond Kelly said." We ingrates are also forgetful: "[P]eople
have short memories as to what happened here in 2001," he scolded
— no fault of Our Rulers since they exploit every opportunity to
remind us. Nor does Kelly see any "need
to apologize for keeping tabs
on some Muslims if that’s what
it takes to protect the city."

for Rapacious Ray, his report turned up not a single instance of
any criminality. Seems that "keeping tabs on some [sic
for u2018all "within
a 250-mile radius
” of the city'] Muslims" isn't
"what it takes to protect the city."

New Jersey's
politicians are scrambling to distance themselves from the NYPD's
snoops. They
knew nothing about it
, they bluster, though the NYPD contends
it not only informed them of its activities, but "a
Newark liaison officer accompanied NYPD
personnel when they
were in Newark." In any event, their alleged fury pales beside
the State's against Dharun and Molly — and is yet another exercise
in cynical hypocrisy: "Sen.
Robert Menendez, D-New Jersey
… called on U.S. Attorney General
Eric Holder and CIA Director David Petraeus to conduct a separate
investigation [of the NYPD], saying he was u2018deeply concerned' over
the allegations." Expect that "investigation" to
go nowhere, and fast: "Millions
of dollars in White House money
[sic for u2018our taxes']
has helped pay for New York Police Department programs that put
entire American Muslim neighborhoods under surveillance."

David Cohen
is "a
former CIA officer who went on
to become the NYPD’s deputy commissioner
for intelligence." One of those responsible for designing this
unconscionably unconstitutional surveillance, he summarized its
philosophy: “Take a big net, throw it out, catch as many fish as
you can and see what we get."

Amerikans who
shrug at government's spying, who pretend it preys only on Muslims
solely to protect us, better learn to swim.

2, 2012

Akers [send her mail] writes
primarily about the American Revolution.

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