Don't Be a Domesticated Extremist

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by Jeff Berwick: Avoiding
the Top 5 Deathbed Regrets

There are countless
reasons why leaving the country that purports to own you has advantages.
For one, whenever I return to my personal home country of Canada
– never for pleasure, only for business – I will usually
run across a typically socialist Canadian who will take great offence
to my worldview and will tell me, “If you don’t like it,

Nothing makes
me happier than to tell them, “I did… and I’m so
much happier now.”

No one ever
has a comeback for that… except for the odd, “well, good….”.

You see, almost
everyone in the western world, if not the entire world, has been
trained to think in terms of their own geographic region. As soon
as you go beyond that most can’t even understand.

As example,
in 2003, after I left Canada I lived for a year in Santa Monica
(L.A.), California. It was the worst year of my life living in the
place where souls come to die. But the best part of it was when
I’d get caught speeding at regularly upwards of 120 miles per
hour (sometimes as high as 200 mph) in my Dodge Viper.

I’d get
pulled over by the all watchful eye of the state and they’d
ask me for my driver’s license. I’d give them my Canadian
license. The dimwitted costumed thugs would look at my license for
minutes at a time… even resorting to squinting as though that
would translate what they saw.

“You are
180 feet tall?” they’d ask.

“Uh, that’s
centimeters,” I’d respond. The funny part is that in Canada
not one person in a thousand would describe their height in metric…
but thanks to the radical socialist Pierre Trudeau, the government
imposed the metric system upon the residents of the terrritorial
monopoly known as Canada.

then try again.

“You weigh
49 pounds?” (that was before I started putting on some weight!)

kilograms,” I’d respond. Again, no one in Canada describes
weight in kilograms…

At that point
the cops would look at their ticket and wouldn’t be able to
compute how to translate the two, hand me back my license, and tell
me to “slow down”. Even if they did give me a ticket,
I’d crumple it up in front of them and throw it onto the street
as I sped off. And now, I do the same worldwide with my Dominican
Republic license.

But the point
is, still, to this day, governments aren’t set-up to enslave
the global population (as much as they’d like to – one world
government). They still mostly enjoy oppressing the 99.7% of the
population, who like serfs of old rarely go 10 miles from their
birthplace. (618,134 US taxpayers filed a Foreign Bank and Financial
Accounts Report (FBAR) in 2011 – or 0.3% of the population
has begun to move its assets outside of the control of the US)

And so, recently,
when the FBI denoted “domestic sovereign citizens” as
being the new terrorist risk, I took great pleasure. They actually
all but copied our mission statement from The Dollar Vigilante website.
They said, “extremists
who disregard their U.S. Citizenship, do not pay taxes and blatantly
ignore authority
,” are the new threat to law enforcement.

Well, we long
ago stopped describing ourselves in slave terms. I’m not Canadian,
or American, I’m a homo sapien, from Planet Earth. So, we are
excluded from their definition. We don’t, nor will we ever
pay taxes, as we choose to live under the three flag theory, originally
encapsulated by Harry Schultz, which states that we are a citizen
of a country that does not tax outside of its jurisdiction, who
has their business(es) in jurisdictions of low or no taxes and who
has their home in a place where they are welcomed and considered
as a tourist. Also known as the Permanent Tourist or Previous Taxpayer
(P.T.) theory.

But, other
than not being a “US citizen”, we almost exactly qualify
as the latest threat to law enforcement according to the FBI.

Perhaps the
funniest part about this new FBI wild goose chase is that they call
the new threat “sovereign citizens”. That’s an oxymoron
if there ever was one. You might as well call them free slaves.
Sovereign is free, “citizen” is a slave.

We wonder,
are un-domesticated extremists a risk to law enforcement? If we
are not American or have given up our western passports and live
outside of the US, but still do not pay taxes and still ignore authority,
are we a risk? Apparently not.

And, that is
yet another reason why expatriation can be so healthy. If we were
to live in our home countries, we’d be considered as extremists
or terrorists. And, not to mention the fact that just living in
the western world today with all its regulation and oppression often
feels like playing hopscotch with a manhole cover removed in the

Where we live,
whether it be Mexico, Thailand, anywhere in South America or most
of Asia, we are just considered people.

The paradigms
are all changing. Dozens of countries are in all out revolt, including
Italy, as
we broke prior to mainstream media
(which still hasn’t
mentioned it – oops) right here at TDV. Nation states are in
a state of collapse. Doug Casey has been a big proponent of phyles.
The world has become smaller thanks to air travel and telecommunications.
Because of this, likeminded people can easily find each other and
group together. It only makes sense. Certainly, where I was born,
other than enjoying the gladiator sport of hockey or donuts at a
place called Tim Horton’s, I had nothing in common with most
of the people who lived around me.

one simply must internationalize one’s assets. The biggest danger
investors face, by far, is not market risk – huge as that
will be – but political risk. The only way to insulate yourself
from such risk is to diversify yourself politically and geographically."
~ Doug Casey

Today, I live
in Acapulco, Mexico and have my own libertarian enclave (AcaCondos)
down here where numerous people are buying beach condos and hanging
out together. As a backup plan, because Mexico is a little uncomfortably
close to the US (although Acapulco is in the very south), I have
also purchased a lot in Doug
Casey’s Galt’s Gultch
in northern Argentina…
a place where they will have a communal clubhouse filled with books
by Ludwig von Mises, Hayek, Rothbard and many other libertarian
and Austrian greats.

with permission from The
Dollar Vigilante

13, 2012

Berwick [send him mail]
is an anarcho-capitalist freedom fighter and Chief Editor of the
libertarian, Austrian economics grounded newsletter, The
Dollar Vigilante
. The Dollar Vigilante focuses on strategies,
investments and expatriation opportunities to survive & prosper
during and after the US dollar collapse.

Best of Jeff Berwick

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