Want To Attract a Lover This Valentine's Day? Make Sure You're SWEATY, Say Scientists

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by Anthony Bond Daily Mail


It is often associated with uncleanliness and leaves many of us left feeling embarrassed when it appears.

But, according to scientists, a bit of sweat may not be a bad thing – particularly if you are single this Valentine’s Day.

A new book claims men and women should hang on to their perspiration in order to attract new lovers, as well as to maintain the interest of their current ones.

Gabriele Froböse, who co-authored the Royal Society of Chemistry book Lust and Love, Is it More Than Chemistry – with her husband, said:

‘Pheromones are what we call here in Germany Sexuallockstoffe, which work on men and on women alike.

‘Those pheromones are included in the sweat. This is why some girls like to wear the T-shirts of their boyfriend and vice versa.

‘When I was young my boyfriend and I changed T-shirts without thinking about what we were doing. I discovered recently that my 19-year-old son is now doing this with his girlfriend.

‘This is obviously because there is still some smell of your partner left in the clothes which you like.’

According to the book, an example of the appeal of sweat to lovers was highlighted by Napoleon Bonaparte.

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