Defending the Last Free Place on Earth

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by Jeff Berwick: Day
of the Dead State



Today was the
day the internet went semi-dark.

Sites like
Reddit, Wikipedia and thousands of others went dark in protest of
the latest attempt at a violent terrorist attack on the internet,
the so-called Stop
Online Piracy Act (SOPA)
. Here at The Dollar Vigilante (TDV)
we didn’t go dark. We figure we’d be one of the first sites taken
offline if/when SOPA is enacted so why give them what they want.

And what is
it they want? They want to heavily regulate the internet and have
the power to shut down any website. It’s a cyberwar going on, says
Joseph Lieberman in this interview
. Well, yes, there is a war,
but it was one started by the US Government. Surprise, surprise.

But was there
a cyberwar before valiant Joseph Lierberman rode up on the scene?
Has anyone been shot? Did your laptop explode in your hands? What’s
the worst thing that’s ever happened to you on the internet? Spam?

How many wars
go on in the minds of these people? A harmless plant, marijuana,
somehow in their world evolves into a brutal War on Drugs that kills
hundreds of thousands per year. An emotion… terror… somehow
turns into a War on Terror that has killed over a million people
and resulted in a massive loss of freedom and liberty in the US,
including the cancellation of the Bill of Rights. And now, the internet…
the thing you are on right now… peacefully, without problem,
they consider to be an ongoing Cyberwar and try to proclaim the
GOVERNMENT needs to protect us from it!

If there EVER
were some serious problem on the internet there will be one group
of people and one group of people only who will deal with it and
be able to deal with it: the internet community of programmers…
they number in the millions. They already found a
way to hack around Wikipedia going dark for 24 hours


The internet
is the most perfect example of an anarchic environment. In some
ways it is like America 300 years ago… a new frontier, initially
free. The internet is, for the most part, completely uncontrolled
and unregulated since it was invented by Al Gore. It has only been
in recent years that the grey hairs of congress have even figured
out what it is and have begun to try to "protect us" by
making it worse.

Many socialists
and Keynesians scratch their head at why the internet/tech business
is one of the only businesses to still be thriving in the US. Silicon
Valley is still teeming with life. And even though the US Government
tries to keep out the world’s best and brightest, they still find
ways around it. In this one case, they
are considering building a tech incubator community
off the
shores of California.

The reason
the internet/tech business still creates wealth and jobs is precisely
because the governments of the world still haven’t figured out how
to suck the blood out of them like they have in nearly every other
industry through endless legislation, rules and regulations. Of
course it is no wonder that some of the most succesful of the internet
world, Peter Thiel, Steve Jobs and Jimmy Wales are commited Libertarians – they understand the enemy they are up against.


And, par for
the course, in the US, this legislation only exists thanks to the
fascist "lobby" interests. Established companies lobby
the government to enact all sorts of legislation to protect their
business interests… and that is exactly how SOPA came into being.
After envelopes stuffed with cash from the Motion Picture Association
of America (MPAA) found their ways into the pockets of people like

Using the old,
"I know you are but what am I" tact, the MPAA had the
gall to state recently that by going dark to protest the attack
on their businesses, sites
like Wikipedia were "abusing their power".

Note to the
MPAA: Wikipedia and others are USING their power. The MPAA and the
US Government are ABUSING their power by attempting to force people
at gunpoint (laws/jails) to adhere to what you want them to do.

Big difference,

Not to mention
it was people like the MPAA who did everything they could to outlaw
VHS tapes… and later DVD players because they had the nearsightedness
to not realize these would become billion dollar moneymakers for
them. And the same is happening now.

Apple iTunes,
including iBook store and AppStore, is expected to grow at a rate
of about 39 percent over the next 3 years and may contribute about
$13 billion in revenues in fiscal 2013, according to an analyst
at Global Equities Research.

This is a huge
new market for the likes of the MPAA… yet they are doing everything
they can to kill it using violence and coercion. In a way it is
a small microcosm of democracy… the people who participate in
democracy inevitably enact rules and laws that seal their own fate.


But, doesn’t
the government need to protect creators of intellectual property?
Here at TDV we are a provider of IP (our newsletter is 100% IP)
and we don’t look to the government to ‘protect us’.
We believe in the power of the free market to regulate itself through
things like

Many people
ask us, what would happen if someone started a website and copied
all our material and claimed it as their own? The answer is simple.
Everyone would call them thieves and they would be known as charlatans
and would lose respect amongst their peers.

It’s that simple.


The real reason
the government wants to censor the internet and talk incessantly
about the need for an internet kill switch is for the same reason
Egypt had an internet kill switch… and China has the "great
firewall"… because they know 2012 will be the year of
massive protests, riots and turmoil in response to the US being
sold out from underneath the people and they know that the people
will organize themselves via the internet.


Like the founding
of America, we’ve yet again been given another chance to flourish.
These chances only seem to come along very rarely. Before the founding
of America, the last time there was an attempt at escape from the
control of the state was nearly two thousand years ago with Jesus
the anarchist.

And, for thousands
of years, many people have been awaiting a return of "the savior".
The savior could be the internet. Jesus, in many ways, was the top
anarchist of his time, fighting against the depredations of the
state for freedom.

Fight against
any and all government control of this space. This space doesn’t
even exist physically. It exists virtually, but it is just as important
as any locale in terms of your ability to access information and
to make free your mind.

You’ve been
able to access information you never thought even existed thanks
to the internet. I know I have. And the governments of the world
don’t like this. Fight to retain this ability. If we lose this,
all is lost.

Sadly, the
internet is the last free place on Earth. We have to go virtual
to escape government oppression at this point. And if we lose this,
there is no hope for humanity. If we retain it, the future will
be full of prosperity and peace unlike any we’ve ever known. If
we lose it? We don’t even want to think about it.

with permission from The
Dollar Vigilante

21, 2012

Berwick [send him mail]
is an anarcho-capitalist freedom fighter and Chief Editor of the
libertarian, Austrian economics grounded newsletter, The
Dollar Vigilante
. The Dollar Vigilante focuses on strategies,
investments and expatriation opportunities to survive & prosper
during and after the US dollar collapse.

Best of Jeff Berwick

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