The Importance of a Second Slave Card

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by Jeff Berwick: What
Would Ron Paul Own?



I remember
the closest I ever came to feeling true travel freedom. It happened
just a few hours after I felt true travel non-freedom. It was about
five years ago and I had just spent the week having fun on the beach
in Tel Aviv, Israel and I headed to the airport. I’ve been targeted
before. Single male. Small carry-on bag. A one-way ticket and a
real bad attitude with ANY government "officials".

They pulled
me aside.

were you doing in Israel?" they asked.

having fun," I replied.

did you visit?"

the beach and the discos in Tel Aviv," I replied, holding back
my natural response which is to say, "What business is it of

"You didn’t
visit Bethlehem or any of our famous religious destinations?"

I said. Back then I was more interested in meeting the local girls
than the tourist attractions.

"And where
you are going?"

I replied, starting to get irritated.

are you going to do there?" they prodded.

fun." I said plainly.

That was enough
of that. They sent me to the "back room". They "asked"
me to disrobe down to my underwear and went through my things meticulously.
They’d hold up a computer mouse and say, "And this? What is

I’d look at
them with complete disdain. "It’s a computer mouse… you’ve
never seen one before?" I’d chide.

After about
an hour of that they ran all my stuff through a machine. As they
did, sirens began to wail and all ten of the "inspectors"
in the room literally ran for their lives. I laughed heartily at
them as they ran past me… which probably made them even more scared…
but I couldn’t help it, they looked like scared fools. I was alone
in the room for a moment when a very big guy in a track suit grabbed
me, ran out of the room with me and shoved me into a corner in another
room and began cracking his knuckles.

Well, I thought…
I’ve never had this happen before. I prepared for what looked to
be a terrible beating. But, then, the siren stopped and the people
slowly returned. The big man in the track suit looked sad… apparently
I wouldn’t need to be beaten. My laptop wasn’t a bomb after all.

They then told
me that I could go but they were going to keep my laptop. I asked
why? They said, they need to inspect if further. They said they
would send it to me in Zurich in a few days. I was angry but there
was nothing I could do at that point. So, I went to Zurich without
my trusty laptop.

That’s when
I went from travel unfreedom to true travel freedom. As the passengers
arrived in Zurich I noticed hardly anyone was stopping at the immigration
desk to show their passport. Having just been through a bit of a
frazzling experience I was a bit confused and did something I wouldn’t
normally do. I stopped at the immigration desk and looked at him.
He made no motion for my passport. Still confused, I put my passport
down on his desk.

He looked at
me and laughed. I just shrugged my shoulders and gave him a look
of, "You don’t need my passport?"

I think mostly
to end our uncomfortable moment, he flipped through my passport
in less than a second and then tossed it back to me and waved me

It was the
closest I’ve ever come to feeling true travel freedom and it felt
amazing. Unfortunately, we live in a world more unfree than at any
point in history and this is far from the norm. In fact, to travel
anywhere you need permission from your masters. You need to apply
for your slave card (passport).

And that is
why, as strange as it sounds, it is more important than ever to
have more than one slave card.

The reason
is simple. The government that operates its crime operation in your
region has total control over your movements. And, many people are
finding out how easily that can be taken away.


have started to realize that one of the best ways to ensure that
their tax slaves can’t travel is to give them a criminal record.
A National Longitudinal Survey
of Youth
recently stated that nearly 1/3 of all people in the
US under 23 years old have been arrested for a "crime"
more serious than a traffic violation.

Right there,
nearly 1/3 of the people under the age of 23 will find it nearly
impossible to travel outside of their home tax-farm… for life!
How’s that for slavery. And, we’re not talking about a bunch of
serial killers here. More than 50% of the US prison population are
in there for possession of vegetation (they call them drugs… although
the real dangerous drugs are sold by the pharmas). And a
further 35% are in cages for "public-order crimes" such
as not having a license to sell lemonade or dancing in public. Or
for having more than two drinks and driving (DUI).

Making matters
worse, once you have a criminal record it makes it nearly impossible
to apply for a second slave card (passport). You will never be able
to leave the country again and certainly will not be able to take
up residence elsewhere once you’ve been branded as a "criminal".

That’s why
it is so important to apply for a second foreign passport BEFORE
you find yourself like 1/3 of youths and branded globally as persona
non grata for some minor offense. We’ve had to turn dozens of people
away from our Dominican
Republic passport program
because of trivial criminal records.
They now have no options for leaving their home country.


the US Government has been making lots of noise about disallowing
passport applications for those who owe taxes
. And, the Government
has no problems with handing out massive tax bills on a whim as
found out when they were handed a bill of $90,000 as
punishment for their son selling $4,600 worth of bunnies "illegally".
They were told if they didn’t pay soon it would be raised to $4

It would not
be surprising, at all, if in the near future the US Government were
to declare that all those behind on their student loans were banned
from applying for a passport.


In short, if
you want to ensure travel freedom you should look to get a second
passport right now… if for no other reason than it only takes
a small arrest or having your son sell bunnies illegally and you
may soon receive a bill you just cannot pay. At that point, you
are stuck. Never able to travel outside your borders for life.

Your government
registered financial advisor will never tell you about getting a
second passport as a way to protect your freedom and your assets.
At a time when your government is the biggest threat to your freedoms
and assets it is best to think for yourself.

Oh, and as
for my laptop? It never showed up in Zurich. It did show up at my
father’s house in Canada nearly a year later in pieces, however.
How the Israeli Government knew my father’s address in Canada, one
can only guess.

Reprinted with permission
from The Dollar Vigilante.

2, 2012

Berwick [send him mail]
is an anarcho-capitalist freedom fighter and Chief Editor of the
libertarian, Austrian economics grounded newsletter, The
Dollar Vigilante
. The Dollar Vigilante focuses on strategies,
investments and expatriation opportunities to survive & prosper
during and after the US dollar collapse.

Best of Jeff Berwick

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