Yoga Has Shamed Me

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by James Altucher: How
To Have the FORCE

I said, “I’ll take 50 of these.” It was about $1
for the 50. On the back of the pills it clearly stated “FOR

I had no prescription.
I had just gone to a random store. They sold cookies also. They
sold me the 50 pills. Asked if I wanted more. They showed me prescription
strength ibuprofen. I took 100. Another dollar.

I had back
pain. I had stretched too far. Done something wrong in a move I
had done 100 times before. But I wanted to impress. I was in India.
I was sweating more, stretching more, the world-famous teacher walking
around the class was looking over occasionally. I was probably the
oldest person in the class and they were all twisting into pretzels.
But I had to at least show I had improved over the year before.

Then my back
hurt so much I could barely walk. I was ashamed. I took a couple
of days off. But I didn’t want to skip anymore or show up in
a weakened state, only able to do baby moves (although babies are
much more flexible than me so wrong analogy).

When I got
back home I googled the pills. I had three goals. Does it work as
a painfkilller, is there recreational use? (why not), is it addictive,
and will it kill me. I guess that’s four goals. The fourth
I took for granted.

It turns out
on the entire world wide web made up of over one billion people,
people have a mixed opinion on this drug, tramadol. It sort of works
like codeine, but it’s the opposite. Its highly addictive,
but it was made to avoid addiction. It makes you feel happy, but
can also cause epileptic seizures. The worst is, if you get addicted
and then stop taking it you start to feel electric shocks all over
you body within 12 hours.

I had originally
asked for percocet but they laughed and said, “Not in India,
sir.” They kept laughing. Then they sold me this. There’s
no rules here.

my plan: in an hour I’m going to take one of these and then
600mg of Ibuprofen, which I also bought in pill form in the same
medical store. Here’s the stupid thing about the US FDA. 600mg
of Ibuprofen is 1.5x prescription strength (400mg) but you can buy
200mg anywhere. So why ever get a prescription? Just take 3 tablets.

I figured with
the double-strength painkiller I can do the workout and then worry
about the epileptic seizures and addiction later.

So I made several
mistakes that are all too common in various areas of life:

I tried too
hard when I thought people were looking. I wanted to impress instead
of just working on my own practice.

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26, 2012

Best of James Altucher

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