US Justice Department Logic: Bernanke Is a Domestic Terrorist

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by Simon Black: How
To Avoid Living in a PoliceState

Editor’s Note:
As we’re quickly approaching the end of December, I thought it would
be appropriate to republish a few letters from earlier this year.
2011 brought a year of increased printing of fiat currencies around
the world.

This selection,
from March, combines logic from the U.S. DoJ and the actions of
our current Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke. The destruction
of currencies is a theme that we’ll continue to address as governments
cling to power. These next several posts are the core of our expanding
community and I know that many readers probably missed some important
letters from earlier days.

Dispatch on March 21, 2011 from Denver, CO———

The United
States Department of Justice delivered a very clear and unfortunate
message on Friday:

“Attempts to
undermine the legitimate currency of this country are simply a unique
form of domestic terrorism. While these forms of anti-government
activities do not involve violence, they are every bit as insidious
and represent a clear and present danger to the economic stability
of this country.”

These remarks
were released by the US
Attorney’s office
in the western district of North Carolina
following the conviction of one Bernard von NotHaus, the creator
of the ill-fated Liberty Dollar.

As you likely
recall from a few years ago, Liberty Dollars were privately minted
gold and silver rounds. Paper certificates, akin to warehouse receipts
were also issued, effectively giving the bearer a right to claim
a certain amount of gold or silver at the group’s warehouse in Coeur
d’Alene, Idaho.

This is traditionally
how the system of money used to function — precious metals would
be stored in private, secure storage facilities, and paper certificates
were issued as a medium of exchange that entitled the bearer to
redeem metal from the vault. Liberty Dollars represented a return
to that system.

Clearly, the
Justice Department feels otherwise… instead viewing these silver
rounds as an attempt by terrorists to undermine the US dollar.

choice of words. Undermine? “verb [transitive]. to erode the base
or foundation of something. to damage or weaken, especially gradually.

Funny, this
sounds a lot more like quantitative easing than anything else. Ben
Bernanke, in creating trillions of new dollars and debasing the
value thereof, is guilty of the same insidious acts, and similarly,
he represents a clear and present danger to the economic stability
of the United States.

Somehow, though,
I doubt that Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano or Attorney
General Eric Holder will end up labeling Mr. Bernanke as a domestic

Von NotHaus
faces up to 15 years in prison on one count and 5 years on two others.
Punitively, this is more serious than engaging in female genital
mutilation (5 years, section 116 of Title 18, US Code), certain
types of assault (as little as six months, section 113), or, ironically,
bank robbery (10 years, section 2113b).

The US government
obviously has its priorities straight.

As for the
total amount of Von NotHaus’ gold and silver booty? A whopping $7
million, roughly .000083% of Bernanke’s $8.4 trillion money supply.
Von NotHaus was so insignificant he wasn’t even in the ballpark
of a rounding error. By definition, this couldn’t possibly constitute
a danger to the economy.

the government’s 6-year effort to bring him down had one single
purpose: to send a message. Uncle Sam is telling us very clearly,
“You WILL use our rapidly depreciating dollars… and anything we
don’t like in our sole discretion, we will label as domestic terrorism.”

If safeguarding
the purchasing power of savings is considered domestic terrorism,
what else is considered terrorism? I think this also begs the question
of whether gold and silver confiscation is on the table… I’d love
to hear your thoughts.

Best of Simon Black

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