The Most Searched-For Word of 2011? Facebook – and ‘Facebook Login’ Is Number Three

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The top ten U.S. search terms included four variations on Facebook –, Facebook, Facebook login and – the second year the social networking giant has had four top ten slots.

Overall, searches for Facebook accounted for 4.42 per cent of searches – a 24 per cent increase in a year, according to web-monitoring firm Experian Hitwise.

Other web giants such as YouTube made up the rest of the top ten. Most people prefer to search rather than type in an address, said Hitwise.

In the UK, ‘Daily Mail’ is 14th from the top in search terms – and the Daily Mail charts far higher than all other British newspapers.

The habit of typing in favourite websites, rather than entering them in the address bar, is partly driven by ‘predictive search’, where Google or other search engines ‘fill in’ search terms as you type. It’s just easier to search rather than type in a web address that might not work.

Most of us simply can’t be bothered to move the cursor up the screen to type in a fiddly address when Google or other search engines will fill it in for us.

It’s also much easier on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, where typing and navigating can be difficult.

In the UK in particular, people are keen on brevity – unlike the US, the abbreviation ‘FB’ – no prizes for guessing what it’s short for’ – made the top ten for the first time this year.

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