Two More Reasons to Say 'Thanks' Before Waving Good-Bye to the US

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by Jeff Berwick: It
Can and Is Happening Here



This joyous
holiday season, those still living in the US should give thanks
for one thing: that it’s not 2012 yet. If you haven’t begun the
countdown, now’s the time. And there’s not a whole lot left of it
before it’s too late. 

You see, the
overlords in DC have a host of new disciplinary and capital-control
legislation ready to be unleashed upon the populace starting in
less than a month.

So, in celebration
of the coming new year, here are two more reasons to move your assets
out of the good ol’ "land of opportunity" immediately
before 2012:  


The Nazis used
them. The Soviets
used them. It’s not as if capital controls are a new idea. Atlas
is shrugging. And the kleptocrats in Congress have been frothing
at the mouth hoping that the public indoctrination system worked
its magic and has blinded you to the obvious closing net around
you so you can’t escape before it is too late. Before the capital
controls soon to be unleashed by Obamacare, there was the aforementioned
Dodd-Frank Act, and before that there was the HIRE Act, both of
which "incentivize" Americans to keep their assets within
the US.

A brief review:
The Dodd-Frank Act, which has been in effect since July of 2010,
U.S gold dealers from contracting with specified gold-supplying
. Such prohibitions have probably already affected
the price of gold. The fewer gold suppliers there are, of course,
as demand continues to sky rocket, means the price continues to
rise as well.  There will be fewer (legal) gold dealers as
our masters hope that Americans would tame themselves in light of
such regulatory harnesses by investing in worthless domestic treasury
bonds rather than looking for opportunities abroad. But wait, there’s

The HIRE Act,
in effect since March of 2010, bestows upon every foreign (and domestic)
financial organization that receives income from all US tax-payers
the duty to report the names, address, taxpayer identification number,
balance, gross receipts and gross account withdrawls to the IRS
annually. Just one more reason to say good-bye to your right to
privacy if you don’t say good-bye to the USA instead. Failure to
comply with the US government
"subjects the foreign entity to a 30% withholding tax on any
payment of U.S.-sources investment income, including interest and
dividends." The penalty "begins at $10,000, with an additional
40% tax underpayment penalty on underreported foreign assets."
And last but not least…


Still have
a 401K? Enjoy it while it lasts. Of course, soon those will belong
to the state! While the government hasn’t succeeded – yet – in mandating that your financial savings accounts be turned over
to them, they are sharpening their knives.  Since 2009 the
socialists in power have been pushing hard for a "universal
retirement system."  As if the corrupt ponzi scheme, Socialist
Security weren’t an obvious enough failure in American central planning,
the government is now pushing to confiscate
your 401Ks
by mandating a 5% payroll tax to be redistributed
to the general population… well, in the end, the “general population”
will get the scraps after government bureaucracy steals and destroys
most of it.  


Can you literally
afford to wait until 2012?  After all, as
Gary Kinghorn reported yesterday
, the US Government is already
setting up detention centers and training the National Guard on
how best to arrest, detain and re-train anyone in the population
who doesn’t want to go along.  Just remember the ‘mantra’ being
echoed in the
National Guard video
yesterday, “Of the troops and for the troops”!
 So much for supporting and defending the Constitution against
all enemies foreign and domestic, eh?

This photo
from a New Jersey army base in 1969, sent in from friend and TDV
Subscriber Doug H., shows what many in the military consider freedom
to be to begin with:

We at TDV strongly
advise that you invest your time in acquiring citizenship in another
country, beginning the process by finding a new passport (check
out our Dominican
Republic passport program
), other than the one forced upon you
by the thieving hands of Uncle Sam.  We highly recommend reading
Mark Nestman’s The
Lifeboat Strategy
and Terry Coxon’s Unleash
Your IRA
for beginning the process of expatriation from
the Empire. Or mull over a move to Doug’s
in Northern Argentina or Jeff’s
in Acapulco. The brutes of the American Empire and many
of the western governments will only bear their teeth even more
in 2012.

This holiday
season, be thankful there’s still time to find financial and personal
opportunities outside the US. How much time, however, is another

Reprinted with permission
from The Dollar Vigilante.

15, 2011

Berwick [send him mail]
is an anarcho-capitalist freedom fighter and Chief Editor of the
libertarian, Austrian economics grounded newsletter, The
Dollar Vigilante
. The Dollar Vigilante focuses on strategies,
investments and expatriation opportunities to survive & prosper
during and after the US dollar collapse.

Best of Jeff Berwick

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