10 Ways to Avoid Putting on the ‘Holiday 10′

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The holidays are upon us, and while that means a wealth of joy, goodwill, and ample time to spend with friends and family, it also means something else – lots of food!

There will be holiday cookies, Christmas hams, buttery side dishes, and numerous pies. So what can you do to help keep your body clean and healthy this holiday season? Here are ten little things you can do to help minimize the holiday weight gain.

1. Keep a list of what you eat

You’re sure to have plenty of holiday parties that will be filled with munchies and treats. Instead of just grazing the buffet table at your office party and neglecting to keep in mind what you’ve already eaten, keep a small pad of paper and pen with you at all times and write down everything you eat. It may be a pain to keep this list, but it will help to put your eating habits in perspective.

2. Don’t neglect your workout schedule

There are plenty of things you can do in the cold weather to work off those calories. Don’t use the cold weather and holiday parties as an excuse to slack off on exercising. At the very least, be sure to do plenty of walking and other cardio exercises.

3. Don’t put off healthy eating until after New Year’s

Many of us are tempted to use dieting and exercise as New Year’s resolutions, but that’s ridiculous! If you start watching what you eat and exercising now, then you won’t have as much weight to get rid of on New Year’s Day.

4. Drink tons of water

Drinking water means having a full feeling, so you won’t be tempted to eat nearly as much. Drink clean, purified water if possible. Along with water, adding more high fiber foods to your diet will also help you feel fuller, therefore, eating less overall.

5. Keep a healthy snack stash nearby

Whether you keep it in your desk, purse or car, if you have a healthy snack option with you at all times, you can forgo the unhealthy treats and indulge in your healthy snack stash. Raw nuts and raw seeds are great snacks that are packed with nutrients!

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