Kidnapping and Ransom Rampant in the US

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by Jeff Berwick: The
US Is Fast Becoming a Third World PoliceState

The US, by
a wide margin, is the world leader in kidnapping and the kidnappers
are becoming more predatory and beginning to demand higher ransoms
as the economic environment in the US continues to decline.

In 2008 alone,
182,422 individuals, were either accosted by armed criminals
and often-times attacked in their own houses, taken and then put
in cages throughout the US.  While 16,965 of them may have
deserved to be kidnapped, 165,457 of them, or 90.7%, had done anything
violent to anybody.

The following
chart shows the total amount kidnapped per country, showing the
US is by far the largest of any country on Earth.  The US has
5% of the population of the world but does 22% of the kidnapping.

The rise in
kidnappings in the US has been dramatic and has become epidemic
as can be seen here:


The kidnappers
target ethnic minorities by a wide margin.  White males have
been getting kidnapped at a rate of 736 per 100,000.  Latinos
at 1,862 per 100,000.  And, black males at 4,789 per 100,000.
 This can be best seen via the following chart:

In South Africa
under apartheid, in 1993, black males were kidnapped at a rate of
851 per 100,000.  In the US, black males are kidnapped at a
rate of 4,789 per 100,000.  The US apartheid system has more
than a 500% higher kidnapping rate of blacks than the South African


The kidnappers,
hard up for money in these tough economic times have begun to raise
their ransoms.  Kidnappers in
Arizona allow you to visit the person kidnapped but they demand
a fee of $25 per visit

And now one
criminal cartel that controls the area called Riverside County in
California has stated that they
will be kidnapping people and demanding a ransom of $142.42 per
.  Cartel boss, Jeff Stone, released this statement
to the media about their increase in operations:

think we’re blazing a new trail here.  In these very challenging
economic times, I believe this can be a source of revenue … I
believe this can return 3 to 5 million (dollars) a year during these
very challenging economic times."

Other cartels
throughout the US are likely watching this with great interest.


Often times
those kidnapped in the US are placed in very overcrowded conditions,
brutally beaten and sodomized by other hostages.  One particularly
brutal cartel boss who operates in the southern Arizona corridor,
with the nickname “Sheriff
“, has been very active abducting people from their cars
after leaving bars and putting them in concentration camps in the
Arizona desert at temperatures often above 110F and feeding them
spoiled food and dressing them in pink jumpsuits – a strange fetish
of the crime boss.

It has been
hard to curtail these kidnappings because in many cases these cartels
are supported by the locals who see them as having their best interests
in mind.

Sadly, in the
US culture, those who get kidnapped are often turned into an underclass
and shunned after their release.  People who have been kidnapped
are often not given opportunities to work nor to travel after they
have been sequestered.


Those looking
to visit the US should look to other locations nearby like Mexico
where the rate of official kidnappings is more than 90% lower at
64 per 100,000 people.  Plus, the conditions for those kidnapped
in Mexico can be markedly better in some circumstances.  A
search of a caged area where hostages are kept in Acapulco
up 19 prostitutes, two sacks of marijuana, numerous bottles of alcohol,
100 fighting cocks and two peacocks.

If safety is
your prime concern then it would be wise for travellers to avoid
the US at this time and to look to safer locales such as China,
Russia, or Mexico where your chance of being abducted is significantly
lower and if you are abducted, your chances of having a really fun
time while being held hostage are markedly higher as hostages held
in one Acapulco location can assuredly attest.

Reprinted with permission
from The Dollar Vigilante.

10, 2011

Berwick [send him mail]
is an anarcho-capitalist freedom fighter and Chief Editor of the
libertarian, Austrian economics grounded newsletter, The
Dollar Vigilante
. The Dollar Vigilante focuses on strategies,
investments and expatriation opportunities to survive & prosper
during and after the US dollar collapse.

Best of Jeff Berwick

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