The Drip, The Perv, and Their Dog-and-Pony Show

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by Becky Akers: Does
Anyone Still Doubt We Languish in a Police-State?



Let me count
the ways I love the English language, with its depth and breadth
and height, its "feeling out of sight/For the ends of Being
and ideal Grace," its precision, flexibility and color. But
we exhaust even its pejorative riches when describing the cowards,
cretins and con-men of the US Senate.

These sociopaths
recently convened another farce in their continuing series entitled
Yes, they are so immature and so contemptuous of us that they not
only title but sub-title their silly "hearings." Among
the other volumes in the set were September 13's "TEN
" — altogether now: "NO!
Thanks to you clowns and your totalitarian war on freedom, we've
descended into a police-state that murders
missionaries disembarking from airline flights
and sexually
molests little kids
" — and "TEN
on October 18. Alas, the schedule reflects no

The ringleaders
of these glorified bull-sessions include that annoying drip and
"committee chairman," Joe Lieberman (Independent, so-called-CT)
and the bland, boring, "ranking member" Susan Collins
(R-ME). Could we present better proof than these two that the Senate
is nothing more than grotesquely expensive make-"work"
for lunatics sporting delusions of grandeur and a tyrannical streak
than Jerold Nadler

unless you're a congresscritter, bureaucrat, or owner of a toxic-emissions
monitor, you're probably blissfully ignorant that "TEN YEARS
AFTER 9/11" has devoured our taxes for almost two months now.
Which prompts me to ask the point of this pointless nonsense.

Knowing politicians'
adoration of microphones and cameras, fervent enough when aimed
at us but frighteningly obsessive when focused on themselves, we
might assume such "hearings" are an attempt to grab newsrooms'
attention. But reporters seldom bother covering these gabfests because
multitudinous as adulterous politicians
and usually concentrate
on ludicrously stupid stuff ("Improving
Educational Outcomes for our Military and Veterans
." Geez.
Have these morons ever heard of studying and, when that fails, cheat-sheets?).

And for sure
it isn't to exchange information. Your Intrepid Reporter read the
"prepared statements" from "TEN YEARS AFTER 9/11:
skimmed a few: doesn't pay me nearly enough to read
all of them. Or to watch
and listen to these dimwits
for 173 minutes, every second
of which is irreplaceable and unrecoverable. No, I stuck with the
transcript — almost literally when I nodded off and pitched head-first
into my computer. Before that very necessary nap, my eyes were so
glazed I could have served dinner on them. When I woke, I realized
there was absolutely nothing in this bilge that the corporate media's
average story on the TSA doesn't divulge.

Here's a sample
from Joe the Drip's welcome (delivered in his distinctive drone:
I bet you, too, would rather undergo root-canal than allow this
gutless invertebrate to assault your ears): "Good
morning and welcome to our hearing
. Today we will take stock
of our efforts over the past 10 years to secure aviation travel,
and to discuss where we must go from here to make the system more
secure, more efficient, and, if possible, more convenient for the
majority of travelers, without diminishing security." Yeah,
it would be hilarious, if only The Drip understood even remotely
how to deliver a joke. "I want to thank TSA Administrator John
[u2018The Perv'] Pistole, who has spent a lifetime in service to the
security of our nation, and our other witnesses for being here today."

NB: as groped,
irradiated passengers scream their fury coast-to-coast, Joe Drip
shamelessly lauds the deviant ordering thugs to grope and irradiate
them. Nor was he the only one. "Senators
at the hearing
generally praised the TSA for its work [sic]."
(See? I wasn't exaggerating when I said English lacks words bad
enough for these criminals.)

The Drip fancies
himself some sort of expert in security; later, he announced as
confidently as if he knows, “'We’re
not at a point
where we can ignore looking for dangerous things'
and just focus on dangerous people …" Amazing, is it not, that
a wimp who quavers for a living fearlessly lumps himself with the
TSA's pedophiles and thieves?

But identifying
himself with brutes didn't content Joe Drip: he also demonstrated
his ignorance beyond all doubt: "He
suggested that TSA publicize
when it finds [sic for u2018steals
our'] weapons" — Yo, Drip: it
already does
— "because u2018the average person going through
the line…doesn’t see somebody get stopped with a weapon, and it’s
very important to remind people why we ask them to go through this.'”
[Emphasis added.]

Whoa! A bit
of truth at last! The TSA exists to disarm us though no studies
or research anywhere equate defenseless passengers with safe ones.
Indeed, stripping what the TSA insists is a valued "layer
of security
" of everything but their bare fists and expecting
them to fight off armed hijackers is patently absurd.

It's also Our
Rulers' ambition for all of society, not just aviation's passengers.
No wonder that when the FAA imposed checkpoints on airports forty-some
years ago, politicians capitalized on the opportunity to grab our

Their warrantless
robbery continues to this day, with The Perv bragging to Joe Drip
et al that his goons "find
four to five guns at checkpoints on a typical day
. … More than
900 guns have been recovered at checkpoints this year, the
TSA says." Intriguing verb, which I again took the liberty
of emphasizing, don't you think? What, does Leviathan own our firearms,
too, in addition to our homes and land so that it "recovers"
its property when it purloins ours? "All
things come of Thee
, O Lord, and of Thine own have we given

The Perv also
bragged about his unconstitutional interrogations at Boston's Logan,
in which the TSA's buffoons quiz every passenger at the checkpoint
about his destination, intentions, etc. “We’ve
had probably
a dozen or so people who were referred to law enforcement
because of their response,” The Perv gloated. “And it turned out,
some of these individuals had outstanding warrants for them. Some
were illegal immigrants.” Uh-oh: the latter probably hoped to destroy
our way of life by picking our fruit and cleaning our homes. But
not a single one of the "dozen or so" was a terrorist.

Perhaps that's
why "a 2008 survey of air travelers who took one or more flights
in the previous year found that one in four respondents (28 percent)
avoided at least one trip because of the hassles of air travel,
which include aviation congestion and passenger screening,"
Roger Dow
, president of the US Travel Association. "That
loss of travel translates into a $26.5 billion dollar loss to the
U.S. economy … Compare that … to a 2010 survey conducted by Consensus
Research, which found that American travelers would take an additional
two to three flights per year if the hassles in security screening
were eliminated. These additional flights would add nearly $85 billion
in consumer spending and support 900,000 American jobs."

but predictably, Rog's dire numbers inspired him to suggest reforming
rather than abolishing the TSA. He's
a lobbyist
, after all, offended when corporations in the industry
lose money but insouciant at travellers' enslavement.

We close with
this good news from Mary Landrieu (D-LA), one of the "senators
at the hearing generally praising the TSA." She admits that
the agency has "taken
a severe toll
on efficiency and privacy – some might even say
dignity," with victims "undressing and being groped at
security checkpoints…" And this troubles her because "the
average American citizen interacts with Transportation Security
Officers more than any other segment of the federal workforce, which
means TSA employees and procedures have a profound impact on people's
impression of the federal government as a whole."

I trust you're
grinning as happily as I.

5, 2011

Akers [send her mail] writes
primarily about the American Revolution.

Best of Becky Akers

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