Bugging Out With the Joneses

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It’s OK to admit that we have all felt out the neighbors to see how preparedness minded they were. We drop a simple statement about being prepared and hold our breath hoping they too are preparedness-minded. They take this as an opportunity to invite themselves to your house for the next big disaster by saying, ”Well I know where we’re coming if there’s a disaster.”

Sadly, most of our neighbors are like a majority of our society and simply do not see the need in storing a bunch of useless supplies for a “just in case” scenario. Many living amongst us believe they are untouchable in terms of disasters occurring in their lives. Because of these illusions they choose to believe, if a serious disaster were to occur, then they would be completly caught off guard. In fact, they will believe the disaster is just like all the others, where they are out of work for a few days and can kick back, BBQ in the yard and drink some beers with the neighbors.

“Honey, the Neighbors Are Coming.”

FEMA has suggested that each household should have at a minimum a two week supply of food. But let’s be honest, you and maybe another guy in the neighborhood are the only one’s who paid attention to what FEMA said. Therefore, when that inevitable disaster hits, it makes you everyone’s favorite neighbor. If they know that you have supplies, they will make a beeline to your house. But they wouldn’t want to impose, so they of course bring their bug out bags. (See image) At this point, you must ask yourself, “Are you ready for more mouths to feed? Will you be able to turn them away? Do you have enough food for the neighborhood?”

Empower the Neighbors

Inspiring the preparedness mindset in your neighbors may be the only way to avoid the entire neighborhood heading to your house after a disaster occurs. However, this is a sensitive subject and should be handled carefully. On one hand, you want them to be prepared so you don’t have to support them, and on the other hand, there is a certain amount of OPSEC that you want to maintain. But you have to admit that having most, if not all of the households in the neighborhood prepared with supplies will make for a strong and very prepared community.

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