The Absurd Iranian Allegation

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Why would they bother to mount such a sophisticated operation on American soil knowing that everything in the U.S. is intercepted by American intelligence — phone calls, emails… It doesn’t make sense at all.

Pepe Escobar Asia Times

As more details, or lack there of, emerge about the purported assassination plot of the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the United States it’s becoming clear that the situation may very well have been fabricated by elements within the Obama Justice Department. To any observer willing to look beyond a headline it should be clear that the allegations are patently absurd.

Via Info Wars — Video Report Provided by RT and is available below:

The American government wants the whole unsuspecting world to believe that the general of the IRGC, which is a very complex and very sophisticated operation in Tehran, which is more important than their armed forces, they have intelligence operations all over the world… They are going to sub-contract a hit — mafia style killing — to a failed Corpus Christi, Texas salesman with a record of bad checks, and he’s going to contact somebody posing as a member of the Zetas Mexican drug cartel, and boast that ‘I can give you 1.5 million dollars and you’re going to hit the ambassador at his favorite restaurant in Washington… I can provide you with tons of opium if you want to do business with my contacts in Tehran.’

In a script conference in Hollywood this thing would go to the garbage immediately. Problem is it’s being paddled by the Attorney General of the United States.

Is it coincidence that the Attorney General announced this plot on the very day subpoenas were issued over the Fast and Furious perjury debacle? As we’ve said countless times in the past, when politicians and those highly visible to the public come under fire and stand to lose their positions of power, they deflect blame, or in this most recent case of Iran, create a completely new enemy.

With respect to blame deflection, this has all of the hallmarks of an event that took place on August 20, 1998, when then President Bill Clinton launched a cruise missile attack against suspected Sudenese VX nerve gas factories at the height of the Lewinsky scandal that threatened to end his Presidency. You may recall that it was on August 17, 1998 that President Clinton admitted to having an ‘inappropriate relationship’ with the White House Intern. It turns out that the attack, later justified because of ties to Osama Bin Laden, manufactured pharmaceuticals — aspirin. Do you see the pattern?

The Clinton Sudanese incident was easily covered up, as Sudan served no significant strategic importance to the US, its allies or our foreign challengers. The problem with the Iranian situation, of course, is that we have been butting heads over nuclear energy and other regional issues for nearly a decade — with both sides calling for war, albeit indirectly.

One of our Senators and Presidential candidates even capella’d a song about it:

We understand the joke. But we can assure you that if and when we do finally bomb Iran, no one will be laughing.

While the claims of on assassination plot may be ridiculous, we need only to look at the majority of headlines being spoon fed to the American public to understand what the real goal is.

The Osama Bin Laden card has been played — and we’re pretty sure this was the last time they’ll be able to use it (of course, you never know). What we need right now is to divert attention from the implosion of our domestic economy, the rampant lawlessness in the Halls of Congress and in the business circles that keep our politicians’ coffers filled, and the deficiencies at the Department of Justice which oversees the legalities of it all.

Target: Iran.

It’s easy, really. A headline and a few talking points repeated hundreds of times on every medium of mainstream distribution.

We recently noted that World War III will not be an accident, and that the world’s Grandmasters (which include Chinese and Russian strategist) are now actively positioning themselves financially, diplomatically, and militarily.

We firmly hold the view that in the next year, or two, or five, the United States and Iran (and likely Syria) will be engaged militarily. The reasons for why we need to spread democracy to Tehran have been, and are continuously being, seared into the consciousness of Americans right now.

Remember Saddam Hussein? He allegedly plotted to assassinate President George H.W. Bush in 1993, killed thousands of Kurds with nerve gas, tortured his own people, worked directly with Al Queda and Osama Bin Laden to coordinate 9/11, and of course, manufactured and stockpiled weapons of mass destruction whose smoking gun would come in the form of a mushroom cloud:

Iran is the enemy. But in our view, this is only part of the story. Do not underestimate the perceived silence and calls for peace by the Chinese and Russians, who also have signififcant strategic interests in the middle east and are, though they won’t push the envelope right now, strongly allied with Iranian interests. Speaking realistically, it’s not so much that they like the Iranians. It’s that they really don’t want the U.S. to have total control of the entire middle east and north African region.

The end game here is resource domination and [global] political control.

Eventually, someone is going to pull the trigger, and then we may very well see that mushroom cloud President George W. Bush warned about.

If you don’t think this is a possibility, or that we are blowing this out of proportion, consider that the President — yes, the President of the United States approved this latest “terror plot” information release — just overtly accused the Iranian government of attempting to assassinate an ambassador on U.S. soil. These are extremely serious charges, the kind that have led nations to war throughout history. The Saudis are calling for Iran to “pay the price,” while Secretary of State Clinton says this is a “dangerous escalation of the Iranian government’s longstanding use of political violence and sponsorship of terrorism.” Israel, parroting Mrs. Clinton, agrees, saying, that this is “definitely an escalation.”

One small mistake in this high stakes game could mean the lives of not millions, but billions of people.

The scary thing is that those in the command and control centers of these operations seemingly could care less.

Reprinted from SHTF Plan.

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