Your Country Is Dying... and It Wants To Take You With It

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by Jeff Berwick: What
Kind of Terrorist Are You?



We are nearing
the end of the grand experiment in nation-states, democracy and
socialism. In case you hadn’t noticed, it failed miserably. Hundreds
of millions were killed in wars engendered by nation states and
made possible by fiat currencies and countless more were impoverished
by the central banks instituted by the state. Riots and protests
around the globe from Rome, to Egypt to nearly every major city
in the US now attest to that.

however, are like living organisms and they will do almost anything
to stay alive. They have always treated their tax-slaves (citizens)
as milk cows and they will treat them as beef cows if worse comes
to worse.

It is for this
reason that it is more important than ever to both understand what
is really going on – hint: whatever the government or what the newsreaders
on your nightly news say is not what is really going on. It is also
more important than ever to begin to protect yourself from your
own government.


Last year I
got a call from an online brokerage I use in Luxembourg called Internaxx.
After having had an account with them for a few years they called
to let me know they’d be closing my account immediately.

I asked the
obvious question: Why??

The lady replied
that Internaxx had recently been bought out by a Canadian brokerage,
TD Waterhouse, and since I was registered with Internaxx as a Canadian
citizen (I was born in Canada and have a Canadian passport) that
Canadian laws state that no Canadian stock brokerage can accept
a Canadian client when it is operating outside of the country!

So, even though
I thought I was safely away from the criminal Canadian Government’s
rules and regulations in Luxembourg, all it took was for a Canadian
company to buy that brokerage and all of a sudden I was persona
non grata.

Luckily, and
smartly, for me, I have another passport and so I said to the lady,
"I am also a citizen of XXX country, could you unregister me
as being Canadian and put me down as being from that country?"

She said yes.
So, I didn’t have to go through the hassle of moving my account
elsewhere. But, it just goes to show the benefit of having alternative
citizenship – preferably in a country that does not have the resources
nor the ability to police you around the world.

Sure, this
time they were only looking to close my account. But, with all western
governments drowning in debt, the next time it could be to impose
an asset tax or even to seize my assets.


Recently, a
similar thing happened to Dutch citizens who held money or gold
with in England or Switzerland.
sent a notice to all of its Dutch clients stating that their accounts
would be immediately closed because the Netherlands financial regulator
had deemed was "offering investment objects in
the Netherlands without a licence."

A licence,
for those that don’t know, is a form of extortion done by criminal
organizations such as governments or mafia to get you to pay for
something you don’t need nor want.

Nonetheless, felt obligated to close all the accounts for Dutch
citizens instead of facing the wrath of the Dutch Government.

Again, it was
only to close accounts this time. But as things continue to collapse
you will want to have options with other passports in order to evade
the attempts by your own government of seizing your assets.


We consider
holding at least one other passport as important as any other facet
of your financial portfolio for the coming years. Leaving yourself
at the whim and control of one government, especially if it is one
of the heavily indebted western governments (which is almost all
of them), is tantamount to playing russian roulette with your assets.

It is for this
reason we recommend that people look to get at least one other foreign
passport – and preferably from a government that is not intricately
tied to the western financial system nor heavily indebted.

For this reason
we have identified two countries which not only offer a passport
without you having to live there but also offer it for very cheap
by international standards. It takes about three years to get each
but you will have residency nearly immediately after your first
application which could help you organize your assets in the meantime.

The two countries
we prefer and have covered heavily in The Dollar Vigilante for subscribers
are the Dominican Republic and Paraguay. We have set-up a custom
service to help get you a passport in either of those regions as
quickly and easily as possible. You can find more info on the Dominican
Republic passport service here
and the Paraguay
service here


Of course,
having foreign residency and citizenship can have many other benefits
as well.

For those who
earn income over the internet or from outside of your home country
attaining foreign residency could reduce your income tax dramatically,
even to zero if you set it up properly. Paraguay, as example, has
no income tax. And the Dominican Republic only charges income tax
on income made in the Dominican Republic. Check with a tax advisor
before making any decisions but residency in locales such as these
can possibly save you a lot in taxes – all legally.

As well, should
you wish to leave your country and reside somewhere for an extended
period, having your residency or citizenship in a foreign country
makes it all the easier. The Dominican Republic and Paraguay are
both civilized, modern, beautiful places to live.


Preparing now
for what is obviously coming only makes sense.

It’s not like
any of this is new. The US Government forced Americans to turn in
their gold to the government in 1933. In Ireland they have begun
charging an annual "asset tax" on all pensions. And, in
Hungary, some pensions were already seized and forced to invest
in government bonds. This is the likely tact of the US Government
in the near future as they begin to run out of creditors other than
the Federal Reserve. They will likely look first to nationalize
401k’s and IRA’s and force them into buying government "patriot
bonds"… for the greater good, of course.


We think the
phrase, "better safe than sorry", is widely overused (see
"Being Better Safe Than Sorry") but in this particular
instance we think it is wiser to take precautions than to leave
everything up to chance.

If the western
financial system implodes in an organized and structured manner
then it may turn out that having a foreign passport wasn’t a necessity.
However, if it implodes in a chaotic way – which is the way these
systems always collapse – when the time comes that some countries
institute capital controls and begin to seize their citizens assets
you will be very thankful that you took a small amount of time and
money to set yourself up with a second citizenship whereby you have
a much better chance of protecting your assets from your own government.

with permission from The
Dollar Vigilante

19, 2011

Berwick [send him mail]
is an anarcho-capitalist freedom fighter and Chief Editor of the
libertarian, Austrian economics grounded newsletter, The
Dollar Vigilante
. The Dollar Vigilante focuses on strategies,
investments and expatriation opportunities to survive & prosper
during and after the US dollar collapse.

Best of Jeff Berwick

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