The Benefits of Blue Green Algae

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Simply stated, organic blue green algae is the single most nutrient dense food on the planet. You may have heard of algae such as blue green or Spirulina being touted as the world’s best "super foods" due to their incredibly high concentration of proteins, vitamins and nutrients.

Two varieties – Spirulina and Aphanizomenon flos-aquae – are the most commonly-consumed forms of the microscopic plant. Not only does this algae super food increase endurance and stamina, but it also can be used to achieve deeper levels of mental balance and mood stability, as well as reduce overall levels of stress.

The History of Blue Green Algae

Blue-green algae may be as old as the sea itself. Archaeologists have found fossilized oxygen-producing blue-green algae dating back 2.8 billion years ago! Also known as Cyanobacteria, blue-green bacteria, or Cyanophyta, it is actually a type of dynamically photosynthesis-infused microscopic plant. The word "cyano" comes from the root word kyanós, meaning blue in Greek, and refers to the brilliant color of the bacteria.

Often found in the oceans of the world, blue-green algae are an incredibly important part of millions of aquatic life-cycles. It’s responsible for much of the ocean’s marine nitrogen cycle, and they perform the important duty of converting the atmosphere of our planet into an oxygenic one. This means, Cyanobacteria are largely responsible for Earth’s breathable atmosphere. Thanks to this bacteria, prehistoric Earth experienced a veritable explosion of biodiversity, assisting the proliferation of oxygen-breathing organisms. And while they are mainly found in the oceans, certain algae can also be found in hyper-saline inland lakes, as well as fresh bodies of water like ponds.

The Health Benefits of Organic Blue Green Algae

The known benefits of organic blue-green algae are extensive. If these small bacteria are responsible for all oxygen-breathing life as we know it, imagine the powerful effects it can offer to the human body! It’s been said that the nutrients in just one daily tablespoon of the algae have been known to reduce eye problems associated with Vitamin A deficiency. The same amounts have also been shown to add to levels of the essential fatty acid GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid), and eradicate iron and protein deficiencies in infants.

Currently, there are many well-known, well-documented benefits of organic blue-green algae, including:

  • Powerful energy booster due to its incredibly high nutrient concentration.
  • Anti-aging effects on skin, hair and organs.
  • High concentration of anti-oxidants, allowing the body to rid itself of toxins and free-radicals more easily.
  • Immune system strengthener. Clinical studies show that Blue-green Algae sends the Natural Killer (NK) cells into the blood stream. From there, these NK cells can find damaged tissues and begin to fight free-radicals.
  • Stimulates stem cell release and movement, helping to regenerate damaged body tissue.
  • Very absorbable to the body. Around 97% of the vitamins, minerals and enzymes found in blue-green algae are easily absorbed into the system. Most vitamin supplements are only 5-25% absorbable.
  • Reduction in headaches and pain.
  • General Rejuvenating qualities.

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