Why You Need a Second Passport

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by Simon Black: This
Is Why We Internationalize. This Is Why We Have a Plan.

I wanted to
dedicate today’s Q&A to a topic that we have been receiving
a huge volume of questions about lately: passports. This subject
is becoming quite popular as the developed world continues to deteriorate,
and I wanted to shed some light on the issue based on my own extensive
personal experiences:

First, Phillip
asks, “Simon, what is the point of having a second passport?
There are a lot of websites talking about it, but nobody ever says

Great question.
A second passport is a really useful insurance policy in the event
of things like social unrest, political turmoil, major lawsuit,
economic collapse, etc.

To give you
an example, some friends of mine in Cairo earlier this week told
me that when the revolution started, they really wanted to get out
of dodge. Unfortunately the only countries available to them were
places like Syria… frying pan, fire.

the top countries on their wish list were Malaysia, New Zealand,
and Finland. I asked them, “What about the United States? Or
the UK?” They shrugged. “Eh…”

If they’d
had a decent second passport, they could have watched the turmoil
on their television instead of out the living room window. But instead,
they had to hunker down when the bullets were flying.

A second passport
is ultimate protection in times of calamity… safe passage when
black swan events take place. These days when you can’t bet
on any certainty past the end of your nose, a second passport is
even more valuable.

Even if you’re
not facing imminent peril, a second passport has a lot of useful
functions. It can help you establish bank and brokerage accounts
overseas (especially if you only have the dreaded US passport),
and it also helps you keep a low profile while traveling should
the need arise.

As I’m
fond of saying, nobody ever hijacks an airplane and threatens to
kill all the Lithuanians.

Problem is,
there is little accurate information out there about how to actually
obtain a second passport. The ‘industry’ (if you could
call it that) is fraught with snake oil salesmen who claim that
they can ‘get’ you a passport in places like the Dominican
Republic or Panama, as if passports are served up on a menu.

There are also
droves of ‘experts’ who have no earthly idea what they’re
talking about; they dish out internationalization advice from North
America and make up for their lack of knowledge and personal experience
by asking Google for the answer.

This just isn’t
the sort of information you’re going to find in Wikipedia.
Bottom line- tread carefully.

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