The Day Science Died

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by Jeff Berwick: Einstein,
the Electric Universe & Expatriation



Last week (in
the blog post, Einstein,
the Electric Universe and Expatriation
) I made mention that
after a day of Googling and YouTubing I had come across the concept
of the Electric Universe. In that post, I mentioned that I failed
Physics in Grade 10… no big surprise, though. I never went to
child prison. I realized what it was at an early age.

However, as
a generally curious person who likes to think about how the world
and the universe works, I never caught on to a lot of the cosmology
of today. As I mentioned before, it didn’t seem to make a lot of
sense to me. That was why, when I found the
video on the electric universe
, and it made a lot more sense
than what I knew about cosmology, I quickly picked up to it.

The exact same
process basically happened to me with economics. I remember thinking
that most of what I heard from so-called authorities like central
banks and governments didn’t make much sense. So, I ignored it.
Until, one day, I came across Austrian economics and in a very short
period of time, everything made perfect sense.

So, it came
as a very big surprise to me that of all the articles I have written,
the article about the Electric Universe had the most direct feedback
of any of them. My email box was nearly full. There were a variety
of emails including some who wanted to point out that Robin Hood
was actually a libertarian/anarchist figure who "stole"
the money back from the government of the time (the King) to give
to the people. I admitted that that may very well have been the
original point of Robin Hood, but Hollywood has unfortunately turned
it into a socialist indoctrination system.

Other emails
came directly from some of the founders of the Electric Universe
concept, inviting me to a conference they will be having in Las
Vegas in January – an invitation I accepted very humbly!

But the great
majority of emails were from people who already knew about the Electric
Universe or who found out about it through my post and who were
excited about it.

One email I
received in particular is quite insightful as to how the college
and university bureaucracies of today have hindered the science
itself. Much as how I always state that places like Harvard and
Princeton have been destroying economics under the false Keynesian
banner for decades, it appears the same thing has been going on
in the field of physics.

It makes one
wonder if there is anything close to truth and reality emanating
from these "institutions" and further shows my belief
that the entire school system and structure has become much more
detrimental than positive in our lives today (see more here: Debtucation).

Here is the
email from a TDV reader on the state of Physics in the world today.
It has many great insights including his view that all of the problems
we face in the world today with government and lack of freedom are
all the same forces that have been destroying the sciences.



Thanks for
your insightful article today. It both pains and pleases me that
you have seen the light on what is nothing short of a highjacking
of the truth in the physics community. Special relativity, quantum
mechanics, the gravitational model, and of course String Theory
have gifted us with a nearly 100 year standstill in the field of
physics. They have come to represent the bureaucratic establishment
in the field of physics and like all bureaucracies have obstructed
progress, truth, and any significant study outside the fray of these
“commandment theories”.

The story of
how should sound very familiar. Once physics was a true pursuit.
An ocean of possibilities for understanding and taking control of
our world. Innovators like Einstein, Bohr, Feynmann, Planck, LeVoisseur
and Shroedinger made quantum leaps (pardon the pun) towards our
understanding of the nature of matter, energy and the universe.
But when these discoveries in turn led to rampant industrial advancement,
development of powerful weapons, and social progress, they also
resulted in the requisite institutional establishment seeking to
protect their interests in the former areas.

Because modern
physics was such a revolution, returning tangible benefits and wealth,
many scientists rushed to understand that which these pioneers had
set forth. A logical course of events followed. The first was that
Einstein, et al no longer needed a job. They became historical icons,
guests of the state, and gods in the scientific world. As a result
those in the idea market, specifically folks like Harvard, Yale,
MIT, etc saw that their product, curriculum, needed these types
of ideas in order to remain competitive. So in lieu of the impossible
task of getting one of these ‘gods’ to accept a menial
professor position, they went out and hired those most studied in
their theories.

This was the
day that science died. You see the difference between Einstein,
and the person most studied in Einstein’s theories is that
Einstein is a scientist and his devotee is a copycat. Though you
probably have no experience in this if you are under 100 years old,
science is actually about DISCOVERY, not memorizing the incomplete
theories of scientists who came before you. And the fact is Einstein,
Shroedinger, Feynmann etc were brilliant, their theories, revolutionary,
but they were not free from error, nor themselves end-all-be-all
answers to the questions of the universe.

So rather than
take the wonderful foundations that these men gave us for a new
enlightenment in the field of physics, their ideas were instead
packaged as a commodity product for universities to hock as long
as there was a market for them. You can probably guess where things
went from there.

“Oh you
have a new theory that CORRECTS the theories of EINSTEIN being taught
at MIT and YALE? HA! And who are YOU?”

You see Einstein
was so smart it was self defeating. He set the bar so high, that
few have come along with the intellect and abilities to individually
produce comparable advancements to the study of physics. And from
a scientific standpoint that is OK. Science DEPENDS on most scientists
dedicating a lifetime to advancing a single idea a single step.
This is the reality of true scientific discovery. But with an scientific
bureaucracy offering much better pay and more prestige for promoting
Einstein’s cult of personality, most have traded the pure pursuit
of enlightenment for the easy life of selling an obsolete product
at a high markup.

As a result
we have spent 100 years pursuing the same dead ends that Einstein
and Shroedinger ran into, while justifying every failure with the
consolation that at least we are wearing the most popular brands.
It is another sad case of rent seeking bureaucrats trading something
pure and universally enriching for lining their own pockets with
a sure buck that they can recycle in perpetuity.

You may be
surprised to learn that this neutrino is only the latest hammer
to fall on the flawed assumptions of general relativity. NASA Astronomers
have for years witnessed particles being ejected from supernovas
at many times the speed of light. Forget a difference of 60 nanoseconds,
were talking about MULTIPLES of C. Yet rather than believe their
own eyes they concoct ridiculous theories about dark matter and
corollaries about gravitational behavior so as not to betray the

Want a good
laugh? Ask any Ivy League professor why comets have tails. Is the
comet traveling faster than the light trailing behind it? That would
be blasphemy save for the fact that this is clearly what everybody
sees. Of course the electric model explains this perfectly. Conductive
material passing through the web of electrical potential in deep
space creates a continuous spark as it disrupts the potential gradient
it traverses. Its middle school science, we see it with our own

You were probably
taught in school that the sun is made of plasma which is exceedingly
dense and a fingernail-sized piece of sun matter would weigh as
much as Mount Everest. I know I was. Then I got my first job in
a chemical lab, doing metals analysis. We used an instrument called
ICP (Ion Chromatography by PLASMA) to separate metals in solutions.
The instrument sat neatly on a tabletop, contained a plasma generating
ion source, yet weighed about 75 lbs. When I asked the Ph.D. lab
director why it didn’t weigh a million million tons, she looked
at me like I was from another planet.

I got the same
response when I asked the same question of another Ph.D. while operating
cyclotrons at another job, where we cooked heavy water in a plasma
beam to form Fluoride (which of course is Alchemy, another thing
that supposedly doesn’t exist).

Anyway this
is getting a little long but I appreciated your article and wanted
to give you a little perspective. I wish I could tell you that the
reason that science is ruined is not the same reason our entire
society, government, constitution and concept of liberty is ruined
but unfortunately it is.

rent seekers, and copycats have conspired to ruin perhaps the best
chance we’ve ever had of achieving a new level of enlightenment,
comfort and intellect. They have sold us junkscience that is tragically
wrong, and defended only through the safety of numbers. Numbers
bought at the cost of genuine scientific inquiry and the scientific
process itself. EVERYBODY IS WRONG. The electric universe theory
fills in all the gaps of the laughable theories in vogue for the
last 100 years. But until it can justify the cost of a multibillion
dollar supercollider or Universities admitting to selling an obsolete
product at premium prices, it will remain behind the curtain. Sad
but typical. Thanks for at least giving me hope that there are still
a few free thinkers out there…


Derek Donohue
Box Scientific

with permission from The
Dollar Vigilante

29, 2011

Berwick [send him mail]
is an anarcho-capitalist freedom fighter and Chief Editor of the
libertarian, Austrian economics grounded newsletter, The
Dollar Vigilante
. The Dollar Vigilante focuses on strategies,
investments and expatriation opportunities to survive & prosper
during and after the US dollar collapse.

Best of Jeff Berwick

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