Automated Killing: The Total Immorality of the U.S. Government and Its Military

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by Gary D. Barnett: Prepare
To Be Assaulted: This Government Is Out of Control!



We are now
living in a world consumed by killing, murder, and torture, and
the very government that claims to be the most righteous on earth
is responsible for most of these heinous crimes. That government
of course is the United States government, now the largest empire
on earth. There are supporting players involved like the U.S. military,
the NATO countries, and those banks and corporations who profit
from the slaughter of peoples overseas, but without the full sanction
of these unholy wars by the government and the populace, these other
players would be left to fend for themselves.

The continued
annihilation of human beings at the hands of government is entering
a new automated phase. This new phase should fully satisfy those
all-powerful political and corporate parasites and their cold-blooded
thirst for more carnage. While they may think that their hands will
be cleaner, the opposite effect will be evident. The stench of death
can never be washed away, even if human designed machines do the

Recently on
MSNBC's Innovation section, this
appeared titled "U.S. Army orders its first batch
of suicide drones." They really aren't "suicide drones"
though, because the person controlling them is doing so in order
to kill others, however the drone called the "Switchblade"
does not survive. (I have yet to discover how a machine can commit
suicide) It can fly in either autonomous robot mode, or can be remotely
piloted to quietly approach "targets" without warning.
Once on target, it can be armed and flown at high speed into the
enemy camp, of course killing and maiming along the way.

another article
titled "A future for drones: Automated killing," was published
by the Washington Post. According to that article, autonomous robotic
killing poses some problems, and could cause a "range of fundamental
legal, ethical and societal issues." I'm surprised that these
are even concerns, considering what is now happening in those countries
not even at war with the United States. Killer drones piloted from
thousands of miles away are already firing on people in Yemen, Pakistan,
and Somalia. Obviously, they are also being used in Afghanistan
and Iraq. I doubt seriously that these are the only countries being
targeted, and it is obvious that more plans are in the works for
robotic murders in the future.

The desired
end result of the ruling class is to leave the decision to kill
supposedly in the hands of inanimate objects. Killing the "enemy"
would then be based on calculations made by software, and not by
humans. How convenient for those responsible for causing all this
death and mayhem, as they literally would not be giving the order
or pulling the trigger. Obviously, this same inanimate object with
magical software could not be tried in court for its crimes. So
how could any be held responsible for criminal murder when no explicit
order was given, and no individual was in control? This sounds like
a recipe for non-responsible sanctioned murder without consequence!

C. Arkin
, author of "Governing Lethal Behavior in Autonomous
Robots," in a study funded by the Army Research Office said,
"Lethal autonomy is inevitable." He fully believes that
building "ethical" military drones and robots capable
of using deadly force is possible. The mere fact that he believes
a machine can commit murder ethically is scary enough, but what
if he and others, especially those in control of government, could
convince the now ignorant masses that this was possible? The implications
of this are staggering, and the danger of what the future would
hold in a world such as this is unimaginable! I think even George
Orwell would struggle with this notion.

Killer drone
attacks engineered from afar are now commonplace. They happen every
day, and my guess is that they happen much more often than we are
led to believe. Military drones are also now used for many domestic
operations, and that use will in my opinion expand greatly given
any major civil unrest or Martial Law situation. Police forces are
already using these computerized machines for domestic surveillance.
When drones come to a neighborhood near you, the same lies as always
will be forthcoming from the government. You will be told that it
is important for your safety, and for national security, but how
safe will you feel when those drones are armed, and allowed to use
deadly force?

killing will lead directly to dehumanizing humans. Many in this
country now and in the past have gone down that horrible road of
perdition. In the world wars, it was the hatred of the "Krauts"
and the "Japs," or "slant eyes." In Vietnam
it was the "Gooks." Now, a large majority in this country
believes that all Muslims or "rag heads," are out to kill
them. These derogatory terms and hate filled attitudes toward those
we may not understand serve as nothing more than a way to dehumanize
them. By doing this, apathy wins the day, evil wars and the slaughter
of innocents are legitimized, and the population follows along.
These attitudes and feelings did not happen accidentally, as little
agitation by the ruling class is necessary to stir the hatred inside
the citizenry. Fear is the only tool needed to cause this effect,
and fear is easy to administer to the dependent sheep by those who
control the country and the media.

Hermann Goering
said it best:

the common people don't want war…. Voice or no voice, the people
can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders…. All you have
to do is to tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists
for lack of patriotism.

Killing made
easy seems to be the motive of the rulers. Killing with emotionless
robots spares the conscience of the murderers. Killing without consequence
allows for more killing, and no justice. Killing for the sake of
killing then becomes the norm.

The most precious
gift of life is our humanity. Because of our humanity, love, compassion,
and individuality are present. Without our humanity, we will have
nothing. Without our humanity and love for one another, we will
become cold. Without our humanity, we will become slaves. Without
our humanity, man will not survive!

23, 2011

D. Barnett [send him mail]
is president of Barnett Financial Services, Inc., in Lewistown,

Best of Gary D. Barnett

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