Can the NYPD-CIA Borg Save Us From the FBI's 'Terrorists'?

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by Becky Akers: Hurricanes
Don't Scare Me, But Our Rulers Sure Do



It's an incredibly
shocking story, the sort that would once have horrified every American
regardless of his politics, one that completely eviscerates the
Constitution and renders everything this country supposedly represents
moot. And yet few have paid any attention while even fewer are outraged.
In fact, most who've heard about it cheer
Our Rulers
as heroes.

CIA help, NYPD moves covertly in Muslim areas," reads the headline
on the Associated
Press' story
from a fortnight ago. Turns out that the two agencies
have collaborated for the last nine years to spy on New Yorkers.

That's right:
the CIA with its medical
experiments on unwitting subjects
, its torture,
its vicious skullduggery
in other people's countries
, its assassinations,
and its utter contempt for all law, foreign, domestic or heavenly,
has been teaching its tricks to the NYPD — not that the latter needed
any coaching when it comes to shredding freedom. So if you're tempted
to pitch rather than pay that parking ticket, you'd better think
twice unless you want a dunk in the Hudson. Waterboarding: it isn't
just for terrists anymore.

The "partnership"
between these bureaucracies is extensive and chilling. The CIA has
trained at least one cop at "the
Farm, the agency’s spy school in Virginia
"; other personnel
float back and forth. One "respected veteran who had served
as a CIA official inside the United Nations … interviewed police
officers for newly defined intelligence jobs [with the NYPD]. He
guided and mentored officers, schooling them in the art of gathering
information. He also directed their efforts…"

Cops concentrate
most of those "efforts" in Moslem neighborhoods — for
now. But how long until the CIA-NYPD Borg adds other religions and
ethnicities in this city of immigrants to its list? How long before
connoisseurs of drugs the State disapproves, pedophiles (except,
of course, those the Transportation Security Administration harbors
at the airports) and political dissidents become "security
threats" worthy of the Borg's "efforts" — if they
haven't already?

Whether they
are or not, or when they do, we're unlikely to know: "Neither
the city council
, which finances the department, nor the federal
government, which has given NYPD more than $1.6 billion since 9/11,
is told exactly what’s going on. … u2018One of the hallmarks of the
[NYPD's] intelligence division over the last 10 years is that, not
only has it gotten extremely aggressive and sophisticated, but it’s
operating completely on its own,' said [Christopher] Dunn, the [New
York Civil Liberties Union] lawyer. u2018There are no checks. There
is no oversight.'” Dunn also denounced the Borg as "a rogue
domestic surveillance operation."

You aren't
safe from the Borg just because you don't live in the five boroughs.
insist that "any potential threat
to New York City is the
NYPD’s business, regardless of where it occurs," and they act
on that "policy": "The NYPD has gotten some of its
officers deputized as federal marshals, allowing them to work out
of state. … [The] undercover squad … operates in places such as
New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, officials said."
And of course, it's possible the CIA colludes with other departments
in other cities, too.

In New York,
the Borg's lone, unsupervised cowboys patronize Islamic bookstores
and internet cafes while eying and chatting up the clientele; ditto
for worship at mosques; and, as if that weren't enough unconstitutional
wickedness, they cultivate snitches, too. I wonder how long New
Yorkers will remain apathetic once the Borg begins sidling up to
congregants in churches and synagogues. Tragically, Americans no
longer understand this probability. Instead, they applaud the lie
that Our Rulers spy only on Moslems solely to protect us.

the State's legendary incompetence often thwarts its lust for control;
the Borg offers yet another proof of that. "It is no secret
to the Muslim immigrants of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, that spies live
among them," the New
York Times reported in 2006
, when the Borg was four years
old. "Almost anyone can rattle off what they regard as the
telltale signs of police informers: They like to talk politics.
They have plenty of free time. They live in the neighborhood, but
have no local relatives. u2018They think we don’t know, but we know
who they are,' said Linda Sarsour, 26, a community activist."

The Times
ran this story a few days after one of the spies sent 24-year-old
Shahawar Matin Siraj, a.k.a., the "Subway Bomber," to
prison for 30 years. Indeed, without the informant, Siraj probably
would never have suffered arrest, much less conviction: "he
was not linked to a terror group
like al Qaeda nor did he have
any explosives. The case hung on the undercover work of [Osama]
Eldawoody, a naturalized Egyptian who spent nearly two years posing
as a like-minded radical Islamist."

He might as
well have been named Elder Goody: he was more than twice as old
as Siraj, and he presented himself to the younger man as a Moslem
mentor. He flattered Siraj, whom an uncle described as “not
too bright…. He’s not dangerous, he just talks
,” and showered
him with attention, then suggested blowing up the subway station
at Herald Square, one of the system's major terminals; after all,
US soldiers were raping Moslem girls back home: didn't Siraj want
to avenge their innocence?

After months
of such cajoling, Eldawoody's prey finally succumbed. His wire caught
Siraj's agreement on tape.

And so a young
man with no criminal record, no association to terrorists other
than Eldawoody (who "worked" for some of the world's most
ruthless, the NYPD), and no weapons or other means of fulfilling
his mentor's plot languishes in America's gulag. Not surprisingly,
Muslim leaders remain convinced that [Siraj] was entrapped

Eldawoody and
his entrapment aren't an aberration. They are as common as dirt
when it comes to American "terrorists" — so common we
might ask whether there would even be any American terrorists
were it not for the government's ginning them up.

Indeed, the
same week the AP exposed the NYPD-CIA Borg, the left's flagship
publication, Mother
Jones, released research
it had compiled over the last year
with the equally leftist Investigative Reporting Program at the
University of California-Berkeley. The duo "examined prosecutions
of 508 defendants in terrorism-related cases, as defined by the
Department of Justice." Their conclusion? "The FBI has
built a massive network of spies to prevent another domestic attack.
But are they busting terrorist plots — or leading them?"

It seems that
virtually all homegrown terrorists' schemes originate not with Moslems
who hate our freedom but with an FBI that does. "Remember the
bombing plot?" MoJo asks. "The
New York subway
plot? The guys who planned to blow up the Sears
? The teenager seeking to bomb a Portland
Christmas tree
lighting? Each of those plots, and dozens more
across the nation, was led by an FBI asset."

You may be
reluctant to accept the word of two notoriously leftie outfits.
Fine. Here's the FBI
and the U.S. Department of Injustice crowing about their subornation

of a half-witted and harmless dupe: "At trial, the government
proved that Siraj [and one of his equally pitiable friends] plotted
to plant explosive devices at the Herald Square subway station…
The evidence included hours of secretly recorded conversations between
Siraj and Osama Eldawoody, … a paid informant for the New York City
Police Department’s Intelligence Division … [The U.S. Attorney on
the case] praised the outstanding work of the New York City Police
Department, and thanked the Federal Bureau of Investigation and
the New York Joint Terrorist Task Force for their assistance."

Or, as Siraj's
lawyer put it
, " … the New York City Police Department
creat[ed] a crime so they can solve the crime and claim a victory
in the war on terror."

And so we have
the Borg spying on American citizens to catch the FBI's terrists.
Have these bozos never heard of inter-agency memos? Why doesn't
the FBI save the Constitution and our money with a simple email
to the Borg: "Comrades, we are concocting a terrorist who will
target the 9/11 Commemoration at Ground Zero, the Superbowl, Amtrak,
what-have-you. Contact us for further details as to exact time and
place, the tapes of our entrapping him over the last 22 months,
and other evidence you will need at trial."

Or perhaps
the Feds with their Terrist Factory are simply fulfilling Obummer's
pledge to create jobs

12, 2011

Akers [send her mail] writes
primarily about the American Revolution.

Best of Becky Akers

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