Why Modern Democracy Is for Idiots

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by Simon Black: Why
I'm Betting on People Who Will KickAss and Take Names

Did you know
that the word ‘idiot’ is actually derived from the origins
of democracy in ancient Greece? Thousands of years ago, a Greek
citizen who demonstrated disinterest in politics was labeled ‘idiotes’;
it literally meant ‘private person,’ which curiously enough
was a term of derision at the time.

Fast forward
to the pitiful excuse we have for a democratic process in the world
today, and the opposite is now true: you have to be a complete idiot
to invest yourself in these politics.

straw poll in Ames, Iowa is a perfect example. A few thousand people
voted for their preferred republican presidential candidate, and
mainstream media outlets have been talking about it nonstop. There
are a lot of things wrong with this system –

First, why
should anyone care what a few thousand people in a single town think?
Do the whims of 17,000 people really have any bearing on a country
of 310 million? In modern democracy, they do.

Michelle Bachmann
won the poll. Granted, she won by bribing
her voters with a free Randy Travis concert, but such things don’t
matter in modern democracy. In the eyes of the media, she is now
the front-runner having garnered a whopping 28.6% of the 17,000
people who voted.

The same logic,
however, does not apply to the guy who came in second… if you
can even find his name anywhere in print. You see, there’s
this lowly fellow from Texas by the name of Ron Paul who scored
4,671 votes, just 152 shy of Bachmann.

Yet while the
media is heralding Bachmann’s victory as a major success for
her campaign, there has hardly been an utterance of Ron Paul’s
strong finish on Bachmann’s heels.

The third place
finisher, former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty, was so dismayed
by his results that he withdrew from the race after securing only
13.7% of the votes.

It’s incredible
that the fickle whims of tiny Iowa mob could be regarded as so influential
that the first place finisher would be anointed, and the third place
finisher withdraw in disgrace… and yet the exact same results
are to be completely ignored when applied to the second place finisher.

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