Victory Over a Phony Flu Vaccination Campaign

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Retrospection: How Caused a Phony Flu Vaccination Campaign To Implode

by Bill Sardi

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In 2009 when Goliath roared, reached for its slingshot.

The roar was over a deadly flu virus that was supposedly sweeping the nation after starting in Mexico. But early on the story didn't ring true. The President had just returned from a short trip to Mexico a month earlier when the French President was in Mexico City along with the President of Mexico to christen the opening of a French vaccine plant there. Suddenly a flu outbreak in a small village in Mexico was getting attention as it spread across the US-Mexico border. But there were no flu deaths in the village where it all began. The people in the village said they had been ill for some time from air pollution generated by nearby pig farms, not from the flu. And why was Homeland Security practicing drive-in delivery of flu vaccines in Texas months prior to the outbreak?

Between April 6, 2005 and February 1, 2012 I had written and posted 17 online reports about flu vaccines, nearly all at, most of them in a four-month period in late 2009 when federal agencies will attempting to over-sell the American people on the idea a deadly flu virus was sweeping the nation and everybody had better get vaccinated.

I was researching and writing fast and furiously then, in rapid rebuttal to the continued misinformation government agencies were issuing about a seasonal flu that had been described as deadly but actually turned out to be the mildest flu season in decades. responded and posted them as fast as I wrote them. Fortunately, the panic that pro-vaccine forces had whipped up caught vaccine makers off guard and a number of untested vaccines were being forced onto the market to meet the predicted demand. The public grew wary of these new vaccines.

The hesitation to vaccinate caused the flu outbreak to peak before full vaccination could take place and mathematical calculations showed any vaccination beyond that point in time would be useless because it takes a few weeks to develop immunity after vaccination.

Government health agencies kept beating their vaccine drum anyway. The Centers For Disease Control intentionally mixed data involving typical wintertime colds with influenza numbers to make it falsely appear many body bags would be needed soon. It was frank evidence government wasn't working in the public's interest.

Contrived shortages of vaccine

Shortages of flu vaccine were contrived in an effort to create a run on vaccines. News media were familiar how to present this ruse. It was like the manufactured shortage of Cabbage Patch dolls at Christmas time the news media often foists off on the public to get them to part with their money. TV viewers often forget TV is in the business of getting them to go shopping. In this instance, it was part of a fascist flu-crime syndicate that links industry with government and the news media in an effort to get Americans to vaccinate. The news media parroted the Centers For Disease Control press releases.

We're talking about the most trusted sources of news in America.

However, instead of rolling up their sleeves to be inoculated, many Americans were forwarding negative articles about flu vaccines to their loved ones, probably the most forwarded being my article entitled "Eighteen Reasons Why You Should NOT Vaccinate Your Children Against The Flu This Season." That article was the No. 2 best-read article in 2009 at Another report by Donald Miller Jr. MD, entitled Avoid Flu Shots, Take Vitamin D Instead, was No. 4 on the LR best-read list that year.

Few realize that flu shots, particularly the inhaled "live virus" flu mist vaccines, actually spread influenza as viral particles are shed following nasal instillation. It's no wonder the pandemic fizzled, its very method of spreading, vaccination, had been eliminated. Influenza viruses are self limiting because they mutate rapidly and then die off as less virulent strains.

The people can prevail

Many patriotic Americans often feel defeated in their attempts to pushback against the leviathan federal government. But this time the people prevailed. I'm convinced, after looking back at e-mail volume and other feedback received by this author at that time that the portal had played a key role in punching a flat tire in the government's fascist flu vaccine program. It's still possible for the people to prevail against the monster that the federal government has become.

Downturn in demand for flu vaccines

There has been a general downturn in the demand for flu vaccines as a carry over from the fizzled flu pandemic of 2009-10. In the 2010-11 flu season only an estimated 72 to 81 million Americans got vaccinated against the flu, and only 37% of health care workers were convinced to vaccinate, down from 62% the prior year. Americans are souring on the idea of flu shots. Eventually 70 million doses of outdated flu vaccine had to be destroyed.

Even in the most successful seasonal flu vaccination campaigns, only about 100 million Americans are vaccinated out of a population of 300+ million. The very idea that vaccination somehow heads off spread to the remaining unvaccinated citizenry is tough to swallow.

At least federal health authorities have ceased, at least for a time, from issuing that persistent falsehood that 36,000 Americans die of the flu each year. They now say flu deaths dropped to 12,000 in 2010-11. But even that number is specious.

However, public health authorities are relentless in their effort to push vaccines on children and the elderly, the groups most at risk for death from the flu. The Centers For Disease Control actually issues purchase orders for flu vaccine every year and then has to unload them. In collaboration with government, virtually every drug store chain is now offering year-round in-store flu shots, in league with the government's ill-conceived threat of thousands of flu deaths annually.

Lack of vitamin C is the killer

Fear mongering over deadly flu viruses emanates from the mother of all flu pandemics — the 1918 Spanish flu that swept the globe and killed millions. In the middle of the 2009 fray over whether to vaccine or not, a report was published in a medical journal showing a link between over-use of aspirin in 1918 and flu deaths.

This immediately alerted this writer to recall the link between aspirin and depletion of vitamin C. In modern times doctors now advise parents to avoid aspirin to quell a flu-related fever. Aspirin can ignite a deadly syndrome called Reye's syndrome. But modern medicine has blinders on when it comes to links between disease and nutrition.

I attempted to alert all public health authorities at the time that deaths from the flu were likely being caused among hospitalized children and adults who were vitamin C deficient. I recall getting only one weak reply to my plea to doctors and public health authorities to check vitamin C levels among patients hospitalized for the flu.

Recently researchers in Great Britain recognized anti-fever drugs like aspirin increase flu-related mortality. Now a few researchers have been prompted to investigate and propose that supplemental vitamin C might actually save lives during a flu season. Given that vaccines and anti-flu drugs like Tamiflu don't adequately protect against severe forms of influenza, some researchers how suggest a cocktail of antioxidants including vitamin C, quercetin, resveratrol, N-acetyl cysteine, all found at health food stores. It's possible self care could avert mortal outcomes from the flu better than the health industry's narrow focus on vaccination. An aspirin/vitamin C combo pill has been proposed, but never produced.

The reason modern medicine ignores vitamin C is without the fear of flu deaths, few would vaccinate.

Critics weigh in against the World Health Organization

Now confirmation of the global cabal to coerce large human populations to vaccinate against the flu has been published. Investigators in The Netherlands, writing in the International Journal of Risk & Safety in Medicine, borrowed a headline from an advertising agency director who described the 2009-10 flu vaccination campaign as the "The hype of the Mexican flu, the biggest marketing campaign of the last 100 years?"

Their report asserts that "the World Health Organization (WHO), by non-transparent and possibly biased decision making…. contributed to the unnecessary spending of public funds during the last flu season."

The WHO estimated two billion people could be infected. The report said "in the construction of the WHO plans for future pandemics experts took part that had conflicts of interest with manufacturers who significantly benefitted from the WHO strategies. These conflicts were known to WHO, but were only made public after the pandemic."

In April 2009, the WHO changed the definition of a pandemic and removed the passage stating the situation should be called a pandemic only if "a significant number of deaths" had occurred. With deletion of this requirement, the definition of pandemic had been significantly expanded.

Also, collaborators in the drafting of flu guidelines for the WHO were aligned with the drug company that markets the anti-flu drug Tamiflu (oseltamivir). Their commercially-sponsored study was cited as the main evidence for the efficacy of Tamiflu. Their article was drafted with the help of ghostwriters.

These Dutch critics of the WHO conclude, ominously, that measures that the WHO have proposed to "protect the organization from commercially-biased opinions do not make the impression they will prevent the identified problems in the future." So can the world expect a future re-run of what happened in the 2009-10 flu season?

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