The TSA: Bringing 'Common Sense' and 'Intelligence' to Slavery

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by Becky Akers: The
TSA Exposed for Exposing Us — Again



Terms so antithetical
one never expects to encounter them in the same article — "common
sense," "intelligence" and "Transportation Security
Administration (TSA)" — have been popping up together in the
corporate media the last few weeks. Its propagandists praise the
TSA's chief pervert, John Pistole, for "introduc[ing]
just the slightest bit
of intelligence and flexibility into
his agency’s system."

Several scams
at the TSA inspired this allegation. First, the bureaucracy is once
again experimenting with a "Trusted
Traveler Program
." Yep, I laugh every time I type it, too.
What we need is a "Trusted Tyrant Program" given that
the sociopaths in office have bankrupted the country, beggared homeowners
with imprudent mortgages, invaded much of the world, and bombed
those countries refusing to thank them for it. Yet idiots nationwide
fear passengers, not politicians.

At any rate,
the TSA has resurrected an idea it
killed a few years ago
when its "private-sector [yeah,
right] partner" would have split the profits with it: if passengers
will divulge even more information
than unconstitutional laws already require
to an
agency in the habit of losing hard drives
bursting with just
such data
, why, they can go to the head of the checkpoint's
line for — yes! – faster molestation. And guess what? Your expedited
assault will cost you another
$150 on top of the taxes and fees
you already pay to finance
the TSA's annual budget of $8.2 billion. No matter: "some
[trusted] travelers may keep their shoes on
; others may not
have to remove their laptops from their cases." Ah, the land
of the free: you and your computer will henceforth be shod while
government goons gate-rape you.

Along with
this goes the TSA's "Trusted Pilot Program," which it
calls "Known Crewmember" — I suppose because "Trusted
Pilot" is too absurd even for the TSA. Here are guys controlling
jets, but we aren't gonna trust u2018em unless an agency that can't
differentiate debauchery from security tells us they're OK? Geez.

Crewmember" forces pilots to show their credentials to the
TSA's nitwits — the
ones who can't keep passengers with other people's boarding passes
off planes
. Yet so long as illiterate LaWanda ("Whaz dis
here mean, u2018valu-vala-vadilated?") scrutinizes their documents,
pilots can skip the agency's unconstitutional and demeaning searches.

The TSA has
no business pawing pilots or anyone else. But of course, the corporate
media never questions, let alone condemns, this abuse of taxpayers.
Rather, it applauds the agency's replacing physical attack with
the equally totalitarian "Papers, please" because the
latter means shorter lines at checkpoints. It's all about convenience
in the Amerikan Empire.

The TSA has
also begun "dial[ing] back" its porno-scanners with "a
new algorithm that shows
potential bombs without displaying
a passenger’s naughty bits." You'll recall that the TSA
has always and adamantly denied that its carcinogenic gizmos reveal
any "naughty bits
," so how it can "dial back"
its non-existent voyeurism remains a mystery. Naturally, the agency's
lackeys in the corporate media don't raise this uncomfortable contradiction
as the Chief Pervert rhapsodizes about protecting our privacy while
stripping us naked. Instead, they laud his "common sense."

Nor do they
point out that the Chief Pervert "introduc[ing]"
the "new algorithm" is precisely the one who ordered
the nationwide gropefest that has children
screaming at pedophiles on youtube
and pilots
throwing up in their driveways
. The Perv ought to be horsewhipped
and then tried for crimes against humanity, yet the media implies
that he is somehow saving us from the very atrocities he decreed:
Mr. Pistole took over the TSA in July 2010
… [g]rannies got
accosted on the off-chance they were al Qaeda sleeper agents."
Did I miss something? Don't they still? "Until November, even
pilots had to go through those bomb-spotting [sic] body scanners
… None of this jived with Mr. Pistole’s 26 years with the FBI…"

we go again with the Pervert's resume; if I had a nickel for every
time the media has touted those 26 years
, I could buy New York
City's mayoralty as did its current owner — not that I'd want to…

But I interrupted
our propagandist: "… Nor did the TSA’s unthinking approach
take into account a decade’s worth of improvements in tracking potential
terrorists. A series of new databases now means that we have a much
better sense of who is flying when. u2018We have an opportunity to change,'
Mr. Pistole said … u2018to try to apply some more common sense to the

isn't it? You might hope that an editor would castigate, not collaborate
with, a writer and a source this deceptive. God knows, any article
against the TSA that relied on such mendacity would never see publication
in the mainstream. Actually, any article against the TSA
rarely sees publication in the mainstream.

Chains are
chains. A master may pad them so they chafe less, but the poor wretches
they shackle are still slaves. Passengers aren't free because they're
wearing shoes and the line moves faster while Leviathan assaults

16, 2011

Akers [send her mail] writes
primarily about the American Revolution.

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