This Is What Passes for Democracy in Greece... and America

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by Simon Black: A
Fight Broke Out for My Dinner Tab inGreece




Last night
I had quite an unexpected surprise.

You see, at
my hotel here in Thessaloniki, there’s a delegation from some
group of the European Parliament called the Committee on Regional
Development. They’re here to help… Hey, isn’t that
what they always say? The Committee wants to supervise Greece working
its way out of the debt crisis and make sure that Greece’s
poor are getting the support they need.

The hotel’s
restaurant was filled with these sycophantic parasites last night–
an entire room full of people with a superiority complex who think
that they are entitled to make decisions about other people’s
lives and money.

They sat at
dinner drinking fine wine and polishing up steak tartare making
proud, bombastic proclamations about the virtues of foreign aid,
the democratic process, and the great progress of Greece’s
austerity measures.

not 300 meters down the road, a campsite has been gathering for
economic refugees, Thessaloniki’s former middle class that
has been vanquished by the crisis. Some of the children swung by
the restaurant’s outdoor terrace begging for change, only to
be waved off by one of the delegate’s extended pinkie fingers
as he sipped his wine.

It couldn’t
have been more ironic… the perfect image of what passes for
democracy today, right here in the country that invented it.

democracy is nothing more that pseudo-authoritarian rule by an elite
few, executed by legions of self-deluding freeloaders who have convinced
themselves that their current bureaucratic roles are both necessary
and honorable… as well as a stepping stone into the next job
which will be even more necessary and honorable.

With each successive
position up the bureaucratic ladder comes more power, more privilege…
until they actually expect to be called “The Honorable…”
so and so, or “His Excellency” so and so, etc.

My dictionary
suggests a few definitions for ‘honor’. One of them refers
to a person’s chastity… and I doubt it applies in this
case given the political establishment’s Twitter record. The
other definition says, “conferred as a distinction, especially
an official award for bravery or achievement.”

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