Here's Another Obligation You Didn't Sign Up For

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by Simon Black: This
Is What Passes for Democracy in Greece… and America

Bruce Lee,
a long-time hero of mine, died 38-years ago today, and in tribute
to his intellect and philosophy, I wanted to blow the dust off an
old quote of his that seems quite prescient:

who are unaware they are walking in darkness will never seek the

Each day it
becomes increasingly obvious that there are essentially two kinds
of people in this world– those who are unaware that they walk
in the darkness, completely oblivious to the real dangers in the
world, versus those who understand reality and seek the truth.

The former
group comprises the vast majority of society. This is your voting
electorate and mainstream media audience, and they’ll buy every
bit of propaganda that’s sent their way… whether it’s
support for the war(s), ruinous economic programs, child molesting
TSA policies, or just plain old fear and hate.

In its latest
effort to spread fear and hate, the Ministry of Love, also known
as the Department of Homeland Security, has produced an Orwellian
new video intended to encourage Americans to rat each other out.

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