Escape From America

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by Jeff Berwick: Modern
Day Enslavement



Recently I
was surfing the internet and reading some of my favorite writers
and thinkers when something dawned on me. I read articles or interviews
with the following people – all of whom I respect and enjoy
their viewpoints – in approximately the following order:

  • Marc Faber,
    The Gloom, Boom and Doom Report
  • Doug Casey
    – Founder, Casey Research
  • Jim Rogers
    – American investor and author
  • Jim Willie
    – Hat Trick Letter
  • Dudley Baker
  • Fred Reed
    – Author

Can you name
something which they all have in common?

If you said
that they are all top writers or speakers about free markets and/or
precious metals you’d be correct. But that isn’t their only similarities.

They also all
have expatriated from their country of origin. After having read
seven articles in a row I realized that every person I was reading
has already defected from the USSA or other similar western countries.

Jim Rogers
lives in Singapore. Marc Faber lives in Thailand. Doug Casey lives
in numerous countries but spends most of his time in Uruguay and
Argentina nowadays. Jim Willie in Costa Rica and Dudley Baker and
Fred Reed both live in Mexico, as do I.

The next article
I happened to come across was this story regarding Jesse Ventura
entitled, "Ventura
Threatens to Vacate US Over TSA Groping
". Ventura already
spends much of the year in Mexico but is saying that if his case
against the TSA is thrown out of court he will expatriate permanently.

It is interesting,
also, where many of these like-minded people are going. They’ve
all gone to either Latin America or Asia. In this blog I’ve stated
many times how I believe those two areas are the places to be for
the future.

Life is
Better Almost Anywhere Else

There are not
many countries in the world more oppressive of liberties than the
US. Countries like North Korea, Cuba, Myanmar and Belarus are the
type of countries that are actually worse than the US, but most
places are better, certainly in terms of lifestyle.

The US is a
police state. Nothing is legal in the US anymore. Today, the
city of Philadelphia even announced that they are going to "crack
down" on people who walk while typing on their cell phones
Yes, you heard that correct, you can now be confronted by a policeman
for walking infractions!

If you’ve lived
your whole life in the US and never really visited any foreign countries
you are practically the equivalent of someone who lives in North
Korea. Most of the information you have received is from the controlled
media feeding you propaganda and if you do go to a country like
Argentina, Mexico or countless others, you will be shocked at what
you are allowed to do.

And, because
there aren’t millions of different rules, regulations, taxes and
laws being enforced at all times you will be amazed at just how
nice life can be! You might not even need to take Prozac or gulp
down greasy fast food and sugary sodas just to get you through your

Galt’s Gulch

Just like in
Ayn Rand’s great book, Atlas Shrugged, many of the US and western
world’s brightest and most industrious are leaving at a rapidly
increasing rate. And, just like in the book, at least some of them
are gravitating to the same enclave, in northern Argentina.

It is the brainchild
of Doug Casey and an amazing place. I will be returning from November
1-13 this year for their bi-annual event. If you have the interest
or ability it is something I highly recommend checking out. You
can get more information here.

If that is
too far from home or too expensive the cheaper version in Mexico
is here in Acapulco.

Time is
Running Out to Escape

Since 2009
we’ve been in the eye of the hurricane. The Federal Reserve printed
an unprecedented amount of new dollars to buy a few more years of
perceived prosperity but now the bill is coming due. As early as
August 2 we could see the US Government default on its debt –
an event that would have massive repercussions and would quickly
lead to depression conditions never before seen in the US. And,
if they do raise the debt ceiling it will usher in something even
worse – hyperinflation and a complete collapse of the basis
of US society.

In either case
there will be millions impoverished and thrown into the streets
along with a massive increase in violent crime, riots, famines and

We are about
to hit the trailing wall of the hurricane – it will happen
this year or, at the very latest, in 2012. Once things start to
collapse it will happen at speeds that will shock the world. When
it happens you will not want to be in a major population center
inside the US.

It will be
exponentially worse than 2008 and the 1930s Great Depression. This
is the big one.

Make a note
of how many of the people who correctly saw this crisis coming also
have already packed up and left – and look to do the same.

with permission from The
Dollar Vigilante

21, 2011

Berwick [send him mail]
is an anarcho-capitalist freedom fighter and Chief Editor of the
libertarian, Austrian economics grounded newsletter, The
Dollar Vigilante
. The Dollar Vigilante focuses on strategies,
investments and expatriation opportunities to survive & prosper
during and after the US dollar collapse.

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