Yet Another Reason Not to Enlist

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by Becky Akers: The
Tenth and the TSA



Fellow American," the junk-mail that has sullied my home begins.
"Will you please take one minute — right now — to help bring
some cooling relief to an American Service Member serving in Iraq
and Afghanistan next month?"

Yes, some morons
are so benighted they actually worry about killers' comfort.

of us cannot imagine the oppressive heat our Troops must endure,"
this particular moron continues. "A u2018cooler day' in Iraq reaches
about 100 degrees."

Yuck. Throw
in 70 or 80% humidity, and you'd have July and August in New York
City. I loathe summer: the sweat I work up merely reading, the way-too-revealing
fashions (toes ought to hide inside shoes, not hang out of sandals
for all the world to ogle. They're just not that attractive. Ditto
for umbilici and any type of cleavage: keep u2018em outa sight unless
you're hoping to entice customers), the lethargy, the flies and
mosquitoes. So the possibility that some idiot at the Pentagon could
shuttle me off to an incinerator like Iraq is enough to keep me
from rushing the recruiter — let alone the atrocities said idiot
would then expect me both to commit and to suffer.

This is common
sense, not genius. But apparently it isn't common after all since
a frightening number of our "Fellow Americans" lack it:
between "active" and "reserve personnel," the
Amerikan Empire's "armed
forces" now number almost 3 million

And our moron
feels their pain: "Worst of all, our Troops must wear all their
heavy battle gear along with their uniforms… THAT'S BRUTAL."

Naw. That's
simply a foretaste of what awaits in the next life for hired murderers
mindlessly obeying politicians in this one. Nor can these mercenaries
claim the devil — or Leviathan: same difference — made them do it:
no draft has kidnapped Americans since the 1970's. Hard as it may
be to believe, anyone currently killing villagers does so entirely
by choice. Pretty terrifying when you think about Judgment Day and
the account every man must render to his Creator.

Of course,
Leviathan preys on poverty and desperation (it's no accident that
politicians destroy the economy, their bullies enjoy a surge of
, greed ("One
nice thing about [the] military
is it’s relatively secure, has
good benefits, and a pretty solid career choice,” a recruit mused),
ignorance, and gullibility.
And if none of those work, there's always the indoctrination of
government's schools and the corporate media, which equate killing
and plundering with patriotism, not pathology.

So kids finally
free of education's gulag, struggling mightily to find their first
job after 70 years of Keynesian malfeasance, and stuffed with poppycock
about "serving their country" [sic for "serving
politicians and such special interests as Halliburton"] are
easy pickings for Leviathan. But what about their parents? Their
older siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles? Or the Sunday School
teacher and pastor, for pity's sake: couldn't they take a break
from praying God's blessing on killers to set their erring little
brother or sister straight?

Instead, these
folks almost always moan the same nonsense our moron does. "…our
brave men and women continuing to serve [sic for u2018kill and
plunder'] in Iraq and Afghanistan … [face] constant dangers"
— and inflict u2018em, too, but there's nary a drop of concern for that.
"[You can] help our Troops feel more comfortable in the intense
heat and help improve their quality of life at a time when they
need support so badly."

Yo, Moron:
I already did, however unwillingly. It's called taxes. And a "whopping"
$20.2 billion
per year of the loot the IRS steals
from us evaporates on "keeping troops in Iraq and Afghanistan
cool." Oh, goody: we wouldn't want thugs to perspire while
destroying lives and homes, now, would we?

Those chilling
breezes blowback here. "Al
Qaeda operatives
in Yemen recently discussed surgically implanting
an explosive device under the skin of a suicide bomber to get past
airport detectors and blow up a U.S.-bound passenger plane, a U.S.
official said…" As usual, "there is no indication of an
immediate plot," and the "official … spoke on condition
of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the information [sic
for u2018because that way we can't hold him accountable for falsehoods
and exaggerations, plus rumors are scarier when we neither know
nor can judge their source'], but no matter: the sociopaths in office
will exploit the excuse to molest us further. "…the government
has … stepped up security at U.S. airports … Nicholas Kimball, a
Transportation Security Administration [TSA} spokesman … said[,]
u2018Measures may include interaction with passengers [sic for
u2018grossly unconstitutional detainment and interrogation'] in addition
to the use of other screening methods such as pat-downs [sic
for u2018sexual assault'] and the use of enhanced tools and technologies
[sic for u2018carcinogenic porno-scanners'].'” Why do I sense
the words "cavity searches" and "VIPR
teams at the mall and supermarket
" lurking between the
lies here?

But there's
good news, too: taxpayers are wising up. They're tired of Our Rulers'
constant, absurd, and hysterical scaremongering — and they're especially
tired of the TSA's capitalizing on that scaremongering to abuse
us. "Homeland Security made up this situation to justify the
TSA," comments
one astute reader
. "Everyone is getting sick of their grandparents
and children being molested by these monsters" — yes!
— "so this little ‘belly bomb’ scenario is a perfect excuse
for them to keep putting their hands all over you. Quit being so
naïve." Yeehaw!

Another cries,
And here you feared you alone loved liberty this much!

BELIEVE THIS!" advises a third. "…The TSA thrives off
scared Americans. Keep in mind, there is absolutely NO evidence
to support this. Read the article again… u2018…groups are BELIEVED
to be experimenting with explosives that COULD be implanted…'
Who believes? Why do they believe this? Is it realistically possible?
Without answering these questions and backing up those answers with
facts, this is pure garbage." He adds in a later post, "The
TSA is the worst of all government organizations. … [it] is evil!"

Yep, as evil
as the army that murders folks overseas. But this one's here at
home, warring on us.

9, 2011

Akers [send her mail] writes
primarily about the American Revolution.

Best of Becky Akers

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