Children of the Great Society

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Lyndon Baines Johnson’s Great Society experiment is in full bloom and it is downright ugly. LBJ’s attempt to coddle the lower classes with free money for going fatherless and even more money for mother’s having more children, without husbands around, has perhaps reached the third generation of such fatherless, uncontrollable youth. The experiment has resulted in roaming bands of criminals.

In Chicago this weekend, downtown pedestrians and bicyclists faced roaming mob attacks.

The first weekend attack happened around 8:25 p.m. Saturday when a man was attacked after parking his motor scooter near the Northwestern University campus, according to CBS News in Chicago.

A few minutes after that attack, man riding his bicycle on the lakefront path at 701 N. Lake Shore Dr. was attacked by a group of teenagers, who punched and kicked him.

Three teens – Dvonte Sikes, 17, of the 7500 block of South Normal Avenue; Travolus Pickett, 17, of the 8400 block of South Dorchester avenue; and Derodte Wright, 18, of the 3500 block of South State Street – have been charged as adults with felony robbery and mob action.

Sikes’ bond was set at $250,000. Pickett’s at $300,000 and Wright’s at $200,000.

Two other 16-year-olds were also charged as juveniles and their names were not released.

Earlier this year, retailers on North Michigan Avenue reported several instances in which young people would suddenly gather inside a store and ransack the place.

Also, on Sunday morning, a male University Of Illinois-Chicago student was on a westbound No. 12 CTA bus on Roosevelt Road at Throop Street, when a group of eight to 10 men wearing white T-shirts boarded, UIC police said. One of the men hit the victim on the back of the head with a glass bottle and stole his iPad. Then the robbers got off the bus.

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