Modern Day Enslavement

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by Jeff Berwick: Debtucation

Watching people
live in places like the US, Canada, UK, Australia and most of Europe
is sometimes just hilarious to watch… I like to sit back on the
beach in southern Mexico, having defected from Canada years ago,
and ponder the absurdity sometimes.

Most are slaves
and they don’t even know it. Worse, they all support their own slavery
and, in many ways, make themselves more into slaves every day…
on purpose!

My personal
favorite is when African Americans talk about slavery as though
it is something that doesn’t exist anymore.

of my descendants were slaves," states the man stacking boxes
in a warehouse 10 hours per day while getting to keep just enough
of his income after federal, state, municipal, sales, property,
gas, alcohol, cigarette and hundreds of other taxes that he can
almost subsist – if his wife and kids also slave – sorry, work – 10 hours per day… before he returns home with one eye on the rear
view mirror hoping to avoid being stopped by the Overseer… sorry,
they call them Officers now, for not stopping completely at a four
way stop or by going 5 miles per hour over the stated limits.

He probably
bobs his head to this excellent KRS-One track oblivious to the lyrics
that explain how he is just a modern slave.

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