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by Jeff Berwick: The
Door Is About to Shut for Americans



From a young
age I never understood schools. You mean I have to wake up at 6am,
trudge through the snow and the cold (where I was from in Canada),
evade getting beat up by all manner of bullies and then sit in what
seemed like a cruelly hard and uncomfortable wood chair and listen
to some guy/gal who had never done anything with their lives read
out of a book to me while I write down and memorize what they say??

I’d always
return home after eight straight hours of child prison and say to
my Mom, "Why can’t they just give me the books and I’ll read
them?" and "The chances of me needing to have to know
ANY of this info in my future are slim to none".

Let’s just
take a case study of myself. Other than learning to read, which
theoretically, most kids should learn within 2 or 3 years (Detroit
aside), once I knew how to read, what did I learn in school that
has brought me any value, despite the tens or hundreds of thousands
of dollars invested into the system on my behalf by taxpayers?

My first real
business in adult life was a music studio I started in Vancouver,
Canada. I didn’t even take "music" in school. I was "self
taught" by teachers like Dr. Dre, Professor Griff and Maestro
Fresh Wes.

After that,
I went on to start an internet company. They didn’t teach that in
school back in the 70s and 80s, for obvious reasons. I rarely even
went to school after grade 7… something which I now believe to
be the main reason why I think the way I do… because I wasn’t
indoctrinated like most others. While they spent 8-10 hours per
day in government regulated schools and then spent the rest of their
time being brainwashed by the boob-tube I spent almost every waking
hour I had on my computer – hacking away.

Since having
gotten out of the "internet" business I now have a company
that sells condos in Acapulco (
I don’t remember them teaching that in school… and if you want
to be granted the right to sell real estate in places like Canada
and the US you now have to pay a lot of money and spend a lot of
time in some sort of government school to get a "license".

I also have
a boutique hotel in Acapulco which rents out the renovated beachfront
condos on behalf of the owners (
They didn’t teach "hotel management" in grade 1-12 but
I hear there are college courses focused on this. Really! I can
teach hotel management in 10 seconds or less. Ready? Time me. Find
what people want, build it and then rent to them at rates that make
sense for both you and them and try to hire people who will make
sure they have a nice time when they stay in your rooms. There,
I just saved someone $50,000 in tuition fees.

Since then
I now write an Austrian economics based financial newsletter which
you all are aware of. There once was a point when I wanted to learn
economics and, stupidly, I signed up to a college to take "Economics
101". After one class I realized what a waste of time it was
and I went off on my own to read the masters of economics… texts
they don’t have in any government school anywhere: Ludwig von Mises,
F.A. Hayek, Murray Rothbard and some of the modern masters of the
art of free-market economics like Doug Casey and Steven Saville.

I now have
children of my own and live in Mexico with them. I completely ignore
any dictate or obligation to imprison them in any public school
and they are what you would call homeschooled.

Vladimir Lenin
stated, "Give me four years to teach the children and the seed
I have sown will never be uprooted". He would have gushed with
joy at the insane thought of having the government indoctrinate
your children for a minimum of 12 years and by the time all is said
and done, with "higher" education, 16-20 years!

Anyone who
forces their children into the public education system, in my opinion,
is a child abuser.

Now that I
have children of my own, at ages four and six, one thing is very
clear to me. Children want to learn. Their eyes are wide open and
they are eager to feast on knowledge. Another thing is clear to
me after seeing many go through the public education system. By
the end of 12-20 years of it, only the most eager, warped or twisted
still have a glint in their eye. The government education system
will suck your child’s interest in learning out of them.

In fact, many
students used to free market education devices such as the internet,
Xbox and Nintendo are classified by the dinosaur-age education system
as having "Attention Deficit Disorder". They just can’t
seem to handle centuries old education style systems since they
already have access to much better free market devices. So, what
do they do with these misfits? Drug them. Dumb them down so they
can handle sitting in a wood chair and reading out of old, expensive
paper books.

The only thing
more insane than putting your child into any government regulated
education system is actually paying a lot of money for it or, even
worse, putting them into massive amounts of debt for it.

Thanks to the
internet ALL knowledge is freely available. MIT
offers all their courses free online.
As well, thanks to the
internet we don’t need hundreds of thousands of teachers. Really,
we just need one or two.

One of the
best math teachers in the world is Salman Khan. He offers to teach
you everything you would ever
want to know about math for free.

And recently
I was approached at an investment conference by two young, wide-eyed
entrepreneurs who are also huge advocates of libertarianism/anarchism
and austrian economics. They have started something called eProf…
it is a website which will be in its beta-launch in about 2 months.
The concept is to allow anyone to become a teacher (much like Salman
Khan) and upload videos/courses. Students will vote on which are
their favorite teachers and the best teachers will attract the most
students. Over time this should attract countless students who will
be willing to pay (either subscription or via advertising). It is
a great idea and I am a big supporter of their vision. They recently
got angel funding and are in Silicon Valley working on their project
right now.

In short, if
you are a parent of a young person or you are a young person wondering
about your future, one of the last things you should do is pay to
go to a college or university. Sure, thanks to criminal government
mandates you can’t practice certain professions without going to
these expensive institutions, so if you want to be a doctor in the
US or something similar you may have to play their sick game.

If your main
intention is to learn, however, there is no excuse for not doing
so completely outside of any organized school system. Thanks to
the internet the world is at your fingertips. Take advantage of
it before the governments begin to shut it down.

And, of course,
no school education can compete with real life experiences. Travel
is one of the best educations you can have… or start up a business.
Or, at the very least, just intern or work under a business owner
in whatever field you enjoy. But, of course, the government
is trying to make internship illegal or impossible
now too.

Whatever the
case, before you send your child to college or attend college yourself,
I highly recommend watching the following documentary, again only
available on the internet because the government run mass media
won’t publish this type of information in the western world. It
is called "College
" and it does a good job of showing what a con
job the education system is.

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