A Boatload of Cruelty

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by Becky Akers: The
TSA and Texas



they considered (them) u2018useless eaters' … [Nazi] authorities generally
selected [children], along with the elderly, ill, and disabled,
for the first deportations to killing centers, or as the first victims
led to mass graves to be shot."

~ United
States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Yes, the Holocaust
Museum is a suspect source, one that blames the Nazis' reign of
terror on "the
dangers of unchecked hatred
" rather than the dangers of
government, checked or unchecked. Still, one wishes Our Rulers would
hie themselves to its website and compare the Nazis' abuse of society's
most vulnerable with what they themselves dish out to such folks.
Surely, depraved as they are, they would abhor their own bestiality.

group of 2,000 elderly British cruise ship passengers" whose
"10,000, two-and-a-half month u2018Alaska Adventure' tour from
the Arctic to the Caribbean" docked "at Los Angeles on
May 26, for a one-day visit … were made to go through full security
checks in a process which took seven hours to complete," Britain's
reports. Like serfs in any totalitarian regime, we turn to the foreign
media rather than our own for news of Our Rulers' atrocities.

And so we learn
that the federal sadists kept our pathetic British guests "stand[ing]
for hours in temperatures up to 80F with no food or water or access
to lavatories." If that doesn't explicitly breach the Geneva
Convention, it should. And it most certainly violates the US Constitution:
nowhere does that document grant the Feds the authority to monitor,
control, or interfere with anyone's movement into or out of the

Why did Our
Rulers so viciously torture these seniors? "'A couple of passengers
got a bit stroppy about having to go through all the rigmarole [of
US Customs] again and these petulant officials decided to take revenge,'
said John Randall, 60, a retired dentist from Wigan, who bought
the cruise as a retirement gift to his wife. … u2018They were just doing
basic checks to begin with but after the argument we had to do full
finger prints on left and right hands and all the biometric stuff.'"

Like many Americans,
I'm a bit of an Anglophile. What's not to like about the British
— except, of course, a government that's almost as dictatorial as
ours? A history and tradition of revering freedom, charming accents
with manners to match, Cato's
, stiff upper lips, "Wilkes, Liberty and Number
45,” sublime cheese, John Locke, cozy cottages, Adam Smith, afternoon
tea, Handel … I'm grateful to and proud of our cousins across the

I can also
picture how "stroppy" those "couple of passengers
got." Their collision with Amerika's Warriors probably sounded
something like this:

"I say,
Officer, we've already beenu2014"

get back in line. Now."

the cruise, you see, if you'll pardon my saying so, they cleared
our arrival withu2014"

hard o' hearing or somethin'? You speak English?"

beg youru2014, yes, of course, actually Shakespu2014"

hear me, then? I said get back in line. Yo, Leroy: got some trouble
over here, call HQ for backup, tell u2018em we're runnin' a full check
on all these stinkin' limeys, I don't care if it takes all day."

One lady in
distress requested her captor's permission to use the loo; she received
the now-infamous response, "Do it over the side, we won't mind."
I nominate that along with "Don't touch my junk" as the
rallying cry for the Resistance.

Try to fathom
the brutality, sociopathic vainglory, and sheer evil that delights
in torturing 2000 seniors because a handful "got stroppy"
— and rightfully so — over complying with nonsense. Would you ever
dream of forcing even one older person, let alone several thousand,
to stand for mere moments, let alone 7 hours, in the heat?
Particularly when such folks often suffer from arthritis, bum knees,
hip replacements, hypertension, angina, and the assorted other ailments,
aches and pains age inflicts? Would you scatologically sass and
humiliate a woman who reminds you of your grandmother? What sort
of unconscionable monsters does government spawn?

Their physical
weakness makes "Alaska Adventure's" customers typical
casualties in Amerika's War on Terror. Certainly the Warriors prey
on strong men in their prime, too — Jose
, Steve
, Julian
, Michael
, to name just a few — but many victims are "[children],
… the elderly, ill, and disabled." As they defend the Homeland,
the Warriors ever more chillingly mimic their mentors in an earlier

The Transportation
Security Administration (TSA) especially seems possessed of a diabolical
sixth sense for fragile passengers. Its goons savage them accordingly.
Two air marshals slaughtered Rigoberto
, a young missionary who struggled with bipolarism, when
he suffered a panic-attack and tried to disembark from his flight.
Cops at Phoenix Sky-Harbor International Airport arrested Carol
Anne Gotbaum
as she was flying to a clinic for help with her
alcoholism. She suddenly, mysteriously died in their custody. Also
clearly disturbed but arrested in aviation's gulag nonetheless were
and Scott

Those who
are physically infirm fare no better. Whether you have survived
cancer of the bladder
or breast,
the TSA relishes tormenting you.

Ditto for
the very
and the very
. Calculated, casual cruelty that would have been unthinkable
a decade ago — a time by no means kind or genteel — is now Standard
Operating Procedure. Meanwhile, too many Americans look the other
way. Jaw-dropping barbarities have become so common that most witnesses
shrug — if they even notice. And some
horrifically benighted ones actually cheer the ferocity
. "They
had it coming," they smugly opine. "Don't they know you
can't do [whatever innocent activity earned government's ire] nowadays?
What, they think they're special and don't have to go by the rules?"

The Nazis
made certain ethnicities and conditions illegal — and punishable.
So have the Warriors. But those of us watching should heed the
command of Prof. Yehuda Bauer
: "Thou shall not be a perpetrator;
thou shall not be a victim; and thou shall never, but never, be
a bystander."

11, 2011

Akers [send her mail] writes
primarily about the American Revolution.

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