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Below are clips from a speech given by John Perkins author of, Confessions of an Economic Hitman.

Although the speech was delivered in 2006, it is as relevant today as it was 5 years ago. It is an insider’s account of how the IMF, World Bank and similar organizations muscle small countries for the benefit of the power elite. You have never heard a speech like this before. The full first clip, along with roughly the first 15 minutes of the second clip, are most informative. Perkins continues on after that, but at that point he calls for a new central type plan to organize the world. In other words, he doesn’t get that it is central power that is the problem.

If his central power plan were to be implemented, the elitist bad guys would capture that power structure, just like they have captured the current power structure.

Amazingly, after Perkins describes in detail how the power structure he saw up close was an instrument of evil, he doesn’t get what Hayek warned about, that the worst always get to the top. The real solution is free markets, where no one lords over another.

That said, the first clip, and half of the second, are awesome in describing how the power elite operate.

Reprinted with permission from the Economic Policy Journal.

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