Obama Needs Osama Do-Over as Critics Mount

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There is no rest for the wary. Or depending on which side you’re on, nor is their rest for the wicked.

President Barack Obama’s May 1 raid and assassination of America’s Most Wanted, Osama bin Laden, wasn’t supposed to turn out like this. Obama’s ordered kill and subsequent dumping of Osama’s body into the Indian Ocean has become George W. Bush’s Mission Accomplished: so full of holes and controversy that the conspiracy theorists are having a field day with it. To some, their version of Osama’s death is making sense. To the rest of us, we’re already growing tired of hearing about it and just want to know if Boston Rob will finally win Survivor at this point.

Beyond a doubt, when it comes to that historic shoot-out in Abbottabad, Obama needs a do-over.

For starters, the Jessica Lynching of the Osama raid has already been proven another Washington screenplay. There was no gun slinging fight inside the property. Bin Laden, we are told, went from being armed with his signature Ak-47 and firing back rounds, to being unarmed.

Although the bin Laden gun fight story didn’t last long enough to become a country music song, the fact that the facts keep changing fuels conspiracy theories.

Why are official stories always full of holes? Maybe because that is the nature of complex historical events. If you look at them through a microscope, there are inevitable gaps and unexplained coincidences. That’s why scientists, not politicians, do actual experiments instead of taking videotapes of the world or soliciting opinion from their favorite pundit.

The conspiracy theories are an interesting feature of American culture, and contribute to our extraordinary irrationality. At one point, nearly half the population believed that Obama was born in Kenya, for example. Or that George Bush and his friends in the Carlyle Group were going to create a police state to grab unlimited power, maybe even cancel the 2008 elections. All false.

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